Revive Ohio: Greene County it’s harvest time

By Stephanie Blackbern

This article Focuses on an amazing opportunity on its way here Its taking hold even now for Greene County. It is reviveOHIO: Greene County. I love the first way I heard it described as like a Billy Graham Crusade but in reverse. Yes, that got my interest also. You see as a young person I was fascinated with Billy Graham and loved to listen to him.

As a young adult I wanted to go on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, but I got distracted with college, working and then raising my sons! So this got my interest. The reverse Billy Graham Crusade is not where folks are invited into the big tent to hear the gospel message. The message goes out to them instead! We don’t invite folks into the big tent to hear the message, we take it out to where they are.

ReviveOHIO: Greene County is part of the movement that began in Texas as Time to Revive. It is spreading through the United States and has made it to Ohio. At least 11 other counties have participated in this movement with Knox County having their event right now.

ReviveOHIO has its own missionaries that come into the county to serve alongside the believers here in Greene County to reach out with God’s love. The reverse of the Billy Graham crusade is that diverse teams of four people set out to love on others by going out into the community.

These diverse teams of four people is the special part of the process that takes place! I recently learned that there are 40,000 plus different denominations of Christian churches. All of these different groups of believers have the central truth about Jesus in common.

It takes humility to drop our differences to focus on the unity of the basic message of Jesus Christ as Lord. We all believe that we have sinned and need him. We believe that Jesus died for those sins, and by accepting Jesus in faith we can receive forgiveness. We pray to receive forgiveness and begin a new life with access to His Holy Spirit. The unity is coming together united by this true message.

As part of a team that ventures out into our community led by God’s spirit we look for folks to pray for and love on. So much prayer has gone before this effort! The prayer meetings have been exciting! Prayer continues to pave the way and lead this effort. The experience of teams in the county events held before us is they engaged in love and prayer that led to individual decisions to accept Christ! Oh wow! Here is where this movement sounds exciting.

I personally have had a special place in my heart for those affected by the addiction crises! Families and addicts both need help. I know this sounds very simplistic but I suggest that the very best way to attack the opioid problem is to love and not judge those caught up in it. We need to love in the power of the Holy Spirit. You can plug in here what ever group, or community, family or personal problem that you are aware of and whatever tugs at your heart. What problem cannot begin to work toward solution if more individuals were impacted by Christ, begin to grow, mature and serve! Let us just cover Greene County with this love!

Here is how you can be a part. There are weekly Tuesday prayer meetings 12-1 p.m. March 5 and March 19 at United AME Church, 286 E. Church St. Evening Prayer meetings at 6:30 p.m. March 12 and March 26 at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1120 S. Detroit St.

Prayer meetings continue in April leading up to the Greene County Revive Event April 26 to May 2. There are two prior events set up to share a time of worship and information 6:30 p.m. March 10 at Xenia Grace Chapel, 100 Grace Drive. Then 6:30 p.m. April 7 at Emmanuel Baptist, 1120 S. Detroit St. These two events will demonstrate what is to come during April 26 to May 2 as Revive Ohio: Greene County.

Who are the Local Pastor Leaders? These five pastors are available for more information: Dan Jordan, 937-372-7408 Xenia Grace Chapel; Rev. Dr. John Freeman, 937-372-3366, United AME Church; Todd Martin, 937-372-0279, Liberty Worship Center; Andy Spencer 937-372-7687, First Church of Christ; Will Urschel. 937-5887. Emmanuel Baptist Church. The Unity and Humility is evident in this diverse group of leaders. There is a Facebook page: reviveOHIO:Greene County to keep updated on these events.

YOU can also pray, host a missionary, help with meals, work with children, or be on a team. There will be many opportunities to be a part of the Greene County Revival.

April 26 to May 2 -This begins on the Friday after Easter. Get involved and join the many who have already begun! I will see you here when you do!

By Stephanie Blackbern

Stephanie Blackbern is lay servant serving the Xenia Community, active on the Christian Emphasis Committee and guest columnist.

Stephanie Blackbern is lay servant serving the Xenia Community, active on the Christian Emphasis Committee and guest columnist.