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‘An American Speaks Out’ in new book


Greene County News Report

XENIA – Nancy Parks spent 36 years a public servant, working as a legislative analyst, a subcommittee staffer and bill drafter for the West Virginia Legislature and as a program analyst for the federal government.

The Xenia resident retired in 2014 and wrote a book which has recently been released.

In a timely discussion, her debut book provides some common sense ideas on how to put the government back in the hands of the people who have had their lives turned upside down from loss of jobs, the mortgage crisis, high cost of education and health care, risky 401ks and an insecurity in the future not seen since the Great Depression.

“An American Speaks Out” contains Parks’ insights learned and possible solutions offered to address the current plight of her native land.

The book analyzes many of the political and economic problems occurring in America today and provides some specific recommendations on how to fix many of the problems, in hopes of providing a guiding light into the future of America. Parks thinks it provides a learning experience on many topics that Americans need to understand regarding their history and values. It also provides concrete priorities that she thinks the nation should focus on in order to improve the current “American experience.”

“I wanted to identify what has caused our country to decline to the degree it has politically and economically,” Parks said on why she wrote this book, “As an American citizen and a mother I was concerned about the future of our nation and the futures of our children and grandchildren.” It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.