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How much darker will the world get?


God said that this is a dark, dark world. He said if I follow His Son (Jesus), I am to be a light in this darkness. Jesus is the light of the world, and when I let Him find me and He said that He went back home and I’m to be a light for Him.

I don’t know how bad it was when God burned up those cities with fire from Heaven. I don’t know how bad it was when God had a flood come and drowned most of the people that He created. I really don’t know how it is around the world as I write. I know it’s bad enough that God is sick of it.

It doesn’t make much sense to me why people can say, “I don’t believe it.” Wow, to think that the Bible is just a fairy tale is just plain stupid. Yes, it’s a story and what a story it is when you believe in Jesus and what happened then, and what is going on now. Don’t hang around people who are negative and evil because the devil wants everyone he can get, and they’ll rub off on youl

God said flee from evil and if your friends are evil, they are not your friend, so find new friends. Godly friends will cling to you. Now be careful because some are pretenders and will deceive you, because it’s happened to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone that seemed to be true turned away from you. People are deceivers, liars, and dishonest, and they love trouble. Can you believe that there are devil worshippers all around us? Now if that makes sense, I’ve lost my mind. How can you do something like that knowing what God said what He was going to do with them? But who am I to question the word of God. He said it would be like this, so I believe Him.

I don’t care what the nay-sayers think about me. Why would I when I’m traveling with the one (Jesus) that is going to take me to a land of beauty forever (Heaven). Wow, the more I write the more I get excited about leaving here for Heaven one day soon.

We who are supposed to be lights in this dark world will have to endure a lot of heartaches. As we do good and travel this pathway, someone will always try to put out our light. But you know what the Bible says. “Greater is He that is within me than He who is in the world.” There is a battle going on between good and evil, life and death. Jesus is the everlasting life and the evil is Satan and that is death.

Walking with Jesus down here, we will have life here and the life to come; we will never die, we’ll live forever in Heaven. Now what else would you want? The world is mad, wow, I can’t hardly believe how bad it is, but I’m safe with Jesus, and I’ll have to live in it until He comes back.

As I sit here writing, thinking about Jesus and waiting for Him, and the peace is beyond earthly understanding. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for letting me be the light of the world, and thank you for saving me.

Sitting here writing, I’ve got tears in my eyes, which doesn’t make sense to most people, but they are happy tears, beyond explaining to the ones that think something is wrong with me. But I have seen others that do it also, so I’m not the only big ‘ole cry baby.

Let me tell you, tears are healthy, and I must be in awful good health. Do you know how many of my family and great friends that are not here today, and I used to have a good time with them growing up. I know you are the same. Another thing, lots of them didn’t know that they were leaving when they did, and they were not ready.

The Bible says that today is the day of salvation, caches no one knows the time or day. Death comes like a thief in the night. When I open my eyes every morning, and sometimes when I just take a little nap, I thank Him and ask Him to go with me as I travel one more day down here. I know where I’ll be if I don’t wake up here.

All I can say is the time is near when Jesus will come and take His people out of this dark world. Then for a while longer, the ones left here will have hell to pay. The Bible says that you’ll have a chance to make it into the kingdom, but it will not be easy. You think it’s hard now, wait until we all leave here, and then all hell will break loose. Now do you see how much God cannot stand the evil because He is Holy. He’ll have the final say, so read the Bible and get ready to leave this darkness. If you are left behind, you haven’t seen any darkness until then, so what are you waiting for, seek Jesus (NOW).


By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Xenia resident and guest religion columnist.