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While decent Americans are offended by the most recent deluge of junk emanating from the yapper of the all powerful “Donald,” here is a simple reminder that this over-privileged, puffed-up, comb-over has never been anything but what he is – a blowhard. To expect any behavior other than what he has exhibited in the last few weeks is, in a word, pointless.

Trump grew up with not one but several silver spoons in his mouth, each chock full of cash and entitlement. At the ripe old age of 69, when most Americans are planning for a quiet retirement, Trump is running for president, although his candidacy is little more than an overdone publicity stunt.

Having lost connections with Macy’s, NBC/Universal and other high-profile companies, it’s entirely possible he may have done himself in, at least media-wise. As a celebrity, Trump managed to gain popularity and recognition outside of the Trump Organization’s secret board rooms. Unfortunately, being the egomaniac that he is, it just inflated his head even more.

As with most presidential elections, Americans are just trying to find a candidate to whom they can relate, whose vision for the country, at least in some respects, matches up with their own values. That’s hard to do in a field of choosing, “the lesser of who cares?” Trump is exacerbating the issue further by driving a wedge into the GOP and “polarizing” the party from within.

For all of his business prowess, and like his fellow millionaire candidates, Trump is clueless with regard to the issues facing the average citizen today. He sees unemployment as numbers, not people. He couldn’t possibly understand how it feels to worry about paying the mortgage or rent every month, let alone how hard it is to buy food and medicine if you are a senior or single, working parent.

Not that any of the other millionaire candidates would get any of this either, but they’re more likely to be connected to everyday people than someone like Trump. While his straight talking, no holds barred approach might seem appealing to those sick to death of the deception and fakery that is the Washington political system, he has nothing of substance with which to back his rhetoric.

Trump has a media platform unavailable to the other candidates and he can fund his entire campaign from his own wallet, with virtually no limitations. So yes, he has advantages in the field, but if people are really so blind as to follow this phony, the country is in far worse shape than anyone imagined.

If anything, this guy is little more than comic relief to the rest of the candidate races, republican or democrat. Before it’s over, he will be little more than a political punching bag himself, especially when, even this early in the game, he has resorted to personal character attacks rather than having anything to say of substance.

Whatever your political affiliation, to call John McCain, and others who served and were held as POWs, a loser is just ignorance and disrespect. Such comments are especially puzzling coming from a man who never served a day in uniform and has had multiple big-business failures and bankruptcies – sounds like he’s a pretty big loser himself.

Would it be great to have a president who understood the nature of business and spent some time trying to build things instead of making more hand-outs? Yes, it would, but that has to be balanced with necessary social services and civil protections often seen as impediments by big business.

Trump is not the answer to any of these problems. He has proven time and again that he hasn’t a clue, nor would he spend one moment considering the difficulties faced by the country’s poor and elderly, something of an irony considering his age. The best thing that could be done is for the Republican National Committee to all but ignore him and establish a good distance from his ignorant rhetoric.

The Bad Comb Over Has Run Amok

By Gery L. Deer

Gery L. Deer is an independent columnist and business writer. Deer In Headlines is distributed by GLD Enterprises Communications. More at www.gerydeer.com