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Please God, not people!


As I look back over my life, I did everything that I could do to satisfy the people around me. Most of the time when you are pleasing people, you are not pleasing God. Man wants to do it his way. Most of the time, our way is against the rules of the Creator (God). Now that I’m overflowing with wisdom from God, people will get mad at me if I don’t say yes to them, when God says no.

Wow, does it take a long time to get on the right path with God sometimes. I’m just glad that God had patience with me, and the reason is that He knew me and had plans for me. I had to go through a lot of deep water and hot fire to get to where I am now. I’m beyond the negative nay-sayers and the funny looks I sometimes get from folks.

First thing they want to say is, “Look at him, who does he think he is, talking like that? I remember what he used to be.” You are right, I “used to be”, but now I’ve been born again from above, and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood shed on the cross. Now I’m brand new.

I acted like I was a fool, and God said don’t be a fool. Believe in Him and turn around. The word of God is clear and people use the excuse that they can’t understand the Bible. I ask a lot of people what they like to do in their spare time. Most of them say that they read lots of books, but have never have read the Bible. But that’s okay, I’m no one to judge them.

I have enough to worry about me and my salvation. God said to talk about Him all day long: when I go to bed, when I awake, teach it to our children. He said to write it on the door posts of our homes. Now how is the word of God to you, being that we were created for His glory? He wanted someone to sing to Him, praise Him, and be with Him forever. Wow, now if that ain’t good, what is?

By Charlie Huff

So many don’t believe Him. When you go down the evil pathway in life, you are going against the One who is Holy. He will have the last word. He cannot look upon sin. Now to me, that is something to think over.

Like I said, people will not believe no matter what, so dust off your shoes and go and find someone that might just listen. Jesus went through hell on earth just because He loved us, and we’re going to deny Him? The Bible says only a few are on the road to Heaven, and so many say, “ I’m a good person, I’m gong to Heaven.” The Bible says that there is none of us good. We are all sinners and without Jesus in our lives, we are doomed.

People don’t want to be told what to do, not even by God, so leave them alone and keep walking with Jesus, no matter what they say. Jesus is my peace, and the good thing is, I know the whole story from the beginning to the end. If I follow Jesus all the way, I win. He paid a terrible price for my soul and I thank and praise Him all day long.

Now stop and think it over. The Bible is God’s word. In the Bible days, He proved who He was and people still went against Him. Some say there isn’t any hell, some say there is, some say there isn’t any God, some say Jesus was just another man. Wow, how dumb.

I don’t listen to anybody but Jesus, because I’m His and He said that He would never leave me alone. Who am I to dispute that? If there is a hell, I am not going to take any chance on going there. God said it and He doesn’t lie.

I’m the creation, not the Creator, so why go this pathway, living in sin, and not knowing when we will leave here? As I write this letter, it might not find it’s way into your heart, but it surely does make mine do right.

My mother didn’t raise a fool; and if I was one back then growing up, I’m not a fool now. You can believe that if you want. Whatever God says to do, I’ll do; where He tells me to go, I’ll go. Tomorrow is not promised; today I could leave here, and I’m ready. Better get your eyes off people and the evil world and look for Jesus. Wow, that’s good news for me!

I’m looking in the clouds and watching for Him. Heaven forever. Wow, blows my mind! I’m looking forward to going there any time now. My years are so short, that kinda scares me. When I drove chartered buses, people always said, “Charlie, why are you always looking into the sky?” They didn’t know Jesus! How sad. I looking for Jesus.


By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Xenia resident and guest religion columnist.