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Grieve resigns from school board


XENIA — Arch Grieve on Wednesday announced his resignation from the Xenia Board of Education effective Friday, Aug. 7.

Grieve, a 2004 graduate of Xenia High School, recently accepted a new position with the Dayton Regional STEM School that includes recruitment of students. He had been a teacher there previously.

“Now that my job is to go and recruit students from the area, including Xenia, that’s where I’d have a hard time doing that from an ethical standpoint,” Grieve said. “When I’m (just) teaching at the STEM school I didn’t think that was a conflict.”

Grieve was elected in November 2013 and began his four-year term in 2014. He had run for school board, in part, because he wasn’t happy with the direction of the school district.

“With all of us on the board, but moreso, the administration with (superintendent) Denny Morrison being there now, I feel like we’ve made a 180-degree turn from where we were,” Grieve said. “Now Xenia’s on the right track. It makes it a little easier for me to sleep at the night knowing the district’s in good hands.”

Still, Grieve said stepping down was a difficult choice.

“I hate quitting anything,” he said. “That part was definitely hard. I’m going to miss being part of that group that does kind of set the vision for where want to go.”

Board President Dr. Robert Dillaplain said Grieve learned a lot in a short amount of time.

“People don’t get born with knowledge of school board stuff,” he said. “(Grieve) was able to assimilate a tremendous amount … digest it and contribute based on fact. He was an extremely valuable member of the board. He came forward and contributed an immense amount to the board.”

The loss of Grieve will be felt beyond the realm of school board activities.

“This is a young mane that deeply cares,” Morrison said. “Cares about kids. Wants to do the right thing. He was making everyone around him better. Arch is going to be a significant loss not only for our school district but for our entire community.”

The board has already begun the process of finding someone to fill Grieve’s term, which expires Dec. 31, 2017. Anyone interested in being appointed should send a letter of interest to Tracy Jarvis, Attn: Board vacancy, Treasurer/CFO Xenia Community Schools, 819 Colorado Drive, Xenia, Ohio 45385.

Letters — which must be no longer than two pages and include the candidate’s resume, the strengths the candidate will bring to the board, and how the candidate sees the board moving the district forward — will be accepted until 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17, according to a release from the district.

Following an executive session on Friday, Aug. 21, the board will select candidates for interviews on Aug. 25 and/or Aug. 26 with the appointee tentatively to be announced Aug. 28.

The new board member would be sworn in during the regular meeting Monday, Sept. 14.


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