Greene County News report

WILBERFORCE — Education at Work is teaming up with Wilberforce University to help its students graduate debt free.

Through the non-profit organization, students have an opportunity to earn up to $15,000 per year in wages and tax-free tuition assistance and learn skills that prepare them to enter the full-time job market. Wilberforce s the first historically clack college and university (HBCU) to be selected as a partner.

Education at Work has its vision to reduce $1.3 billion of student debt annually through employing over 100,000 college students. Since 2012, Education at Work has partnered with top U.S.-based companies to establish call-centers on college campuses that will allow students to earn while they learn.

Wilberforce University started the Wilberforce University Promise Program for Fall 2015 that helped to increase its enrollment by 81.5 percent over the Fall 2014 enrollment. The Wilberforce Promise Program makes college affordable in spite of students’ financial situations. The Education at Work Call Center will allow students to work while they learn as a part of the new Wilberforce University Promise Program.

Greene County News report compiled by Scott Halasz.