Gazette News Report

CEDARVILLE — Cedar Cliff Local Schools has announced the September students of the month.

They are Bryan Smith, sixth grade; Trent Koning, seventh grade; Logan Brennaman, eight grade; Caitlyn McDonald, ninth grade; Jonah Sheridan, 10th grade; Sam Allex, 11th grade; and Zack Rubosky, 12th grade.

Smith was described as a hard worker and was recognized for his participation and leadership in the classroom as well as his quality of work.

Koning is a hard working young man who wants to do well, according to the school, and will go the extra mile. He was called a leader in the classroom and has gained respect from his peers.

Brennaman was called a quiet, friendly, hard worker who does his best no matter what he is asked to do.

McDonald is an excellent and pleasant student who works hard and is willing to help others, the school said. She is dedicated to her goals, has a strong character, and great work ethic.

Sheridan is always willing to participate and takes the extra step to help out in class. He has done exceptionally well with his coursework and developing his projects. He spends quality time on his assignments, thus creating quality work, according to the school.

Allex has a great attitude and completes every assignment with heart. He is hard working, and has great school spirit.

Rubosky has a positive attitude, never complains and always participates in class. He is outgoing and diligently completes his assignments and is eager to attempt new and rigorous projects. He has become an exceptional leader as he helps his peers.








Gazette News Report compiled by Scott Halasz.