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Enon water dept undergoing projects


ENON – Several on-going projects at the Enon Water Department are expected to be completed by the end of October, according to Enon Village Administrator Benjamin Ross and Water Department Superintendent Steve Durall.

Water Softeners #1 and #2, which were installed during the recent construction project at the water treatment plant, have been tested, and slight modifications to the valve control piping system are scheduled to be completed by the second week of October.

Ross noted that Water Softener #1 has developed a problem maintaining pressure in a stager manifold that allows the valves to hydraulically open and close. Currently, the water softener has been isolated from the system and is not in operation. However, Water Softener #2 is up and running without any glitches.

“We believe the problem with Water Softener #1 is due to a leak in the connections with the pressure manifold and have coordinated with the engineer and contractor to replace the manifold,” Ross said. “Once the stager manifold is replaced, the water softener will undergo testing before it is placed into operation.”

The village was awarded a $74,999 grant and a $75,000 low-interest loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission in 2014 that partially funded the construction project. The village then contributed about $144,500 toward the project that included raising the roof in the older section of the water treatment plant to allow sufficient space for the new 72-inch-diameter water softener tanks. The two new water softening systems are expected to increase the softening capacity of the village’s water treatment plant by about 25 percent.

Ross said Well House #1 reconstruction has been completed, and Well #1 has undergone a thorough cleaning.

“The well has been chlorinated and will be tested for bacteria and flow tested prior to being put into operation,” Ross said.

A new pump is also being installed, but certain piping and pump shaft modifications must be made to the pump and motor assembly as the result of the improvements made at the well house.

Durall said the modifications, which are being performed by Moody’s of Dayton Inc., should be completed by the end of the week.

Last year, village officials made the decision to take Well #1 offline after the well and the well house began to sink several feet.

Ross and Wayne Hensley, a village employee, also conducted and completed a dry output inspection of the storm water system in the village during the month of September.

“Enon maintains 10 outputs that are required to be inspected annually for any foul or polluted materials. All outputs were inspected, photographed, and documented as clean and free of any polluted materials,” Ross said. “We do, however, have plans to complete some remedial work at some of the sites.”

The Enon Water Department will continue flushing fire hydrants during working hours in several neighborhoods in the village through Oct. 9. Flushing this past week was conducted in Timber Valley, Spring Lake, Willow Hills Estates and part of Houck Meadows. Between Oct. 5 and Oct. 9, department employees will flush fire hydrants in the remaining areas of Houck Meadows and will flush all the fire hydrants in West Enon Estates.

Village officials caution that some discoloration to the water may occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. All customers are advised to check their water before doing laundry. Upon request, a special rust removing detergent will be available to residents at no charge. For further information, contact the Enon Water Works Department at 937-864-7870.

Softener repaired; hydrant flushing continues

By Linda Collins

For the Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance reporter for Greene County News.