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Attempted murder trial resumes


XENIA — The trial for a man accused of shooting another man at a party at the Greene County Fairgrounds in May resumed Tuesday. Jurors heard from several party attendees throughout Tuesday, including the shooting victim, who identified Ronald Foster, 25, as the shooter.

Foster was indicted in June on attempted murder and felonious assault charges for allegedly shooting another man at a memorial party held at the fairgrounds the evening of May 23 into the morning of May 24.

“I couldn’t see [his] face at first, but [I] know the person had [dreadlocks],” the victim said Tuesday. “The only person I knew that had dreads at the party was Mr. Foster.”

The victim said he saw Foster raise a gun: “It all happened so quick,” the victim said. The victim also testified to seeing Foster running away after he (the victim) had been shot.

Witnesses testified that shortly before the shooting, Foster had been a passenger in a vehicle that had nearly hit the shooting victim. The victim testified that he had responded by telling those in the vehicle to, “Watch the hell where you’re going,” he recalled saying. “There’s people out here. You’re driving fast, and you could hurt somebody.”

Foster reportedly got out of the vehicle and the two men got into a brief verbal altercation, which those in the area diffused. Foster then reportedly got back into the vehicle, which left and returned not long after. The victim testified that while walking back to his car, he saw the vehicle return. Shortly after, he saw a figure and then a muzzle flash.

The victim was the only witness to identify Foster as the shooter. One witness identified the shooter as having dreadlocks, but said she did not see the shooter’s face. Another witness identified an individual with dreadlocks as running away from the area where the victim was shot.

Another witness said that she saw the arm of a person with hair similar to dreadlocks “come up … and he shot him.”

“There were two gentlemen standing there and the next thing there was a loud ‘POW-POW-POW,’” she said. “Then the gentleman fell on the ground.”

Foster’s trial began Monday and is taking place in Greene County Common Pleas Court under the supervision of Judge Michael Buckwalter. Testimony ended mid-afternoon Tuesday and was set to resume Wednesday morning.

Foster looks on during trial proceedings Tuesday in Greene County Common Pleas Court.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2015/10/web1_foster.jpgFoster looks on during trial proceedings Tuesday in Greene County Common Pleas Court. Nathan Pilling | Greene County News

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