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Sugarcreek Township voters to elect trustee


SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP — Sugarcreek Township voters will elect one township trustee in the Nov. 3 election. The township’s new trustee will be selected from four individuals running for the office.

The township’s board of trustees is made up of three elected individuals on staggered, four-year terms.

Carolyn Destefani

Carolyn Destefani works at the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Family Resource Center and helps to operate the Ministerial Association Food Pantry and has worked in various community roles.

“This is a pivotal election for our community,” Destefani wrote. “The elected trustee will be the foundation for carrying on the Sugarcreek Township legacy since the two current sustaining trustees are either not running or are undecided for the next election in 2017. As a former military member with strong leadership and facilitation skills, I believe I am that needed candidate.”

Destefani described a three-legged vision to government: avoiding annexation, community preservation and township government transparency.

“Sugarcreek Township’s most important issue is standing strong in the face of annexation pressures from our surrounding cities,” she wrote. “We can stand strong by taking smart action to make annexation difficult for them by controlling the property around our borders.”

Marvin Moeller

Marvin Moeller is a former Sugarcreek Township trustee, is currently the Spring Valley Township fire chief and owns and operates a business.

“I have a deep conviction for Sugarcreek and [have] dedicated a lot of time away from family and friends trying to preserve our heritage and rural character and want to see sensible and controlled development in our township,” Moeller wrote. “[I want] to make us strong for the future.”

According to Moeller, annexation and fiscal stabilization are the most important issues facing the township.

“We need to stop the annexation of our township,” Moeller wrote. “Over the past few years we have lost over 300 acres to cities around the township. Annexation laws need changed at the state level, and when elected trustee I will pursue the issue.”

Denise Moore

Denise Moore is a retired Sinclair Community College faculty member, has been elected or appointed to professional association boards in leadership roles at the the local, state and national levels.

“As your trustee, you can be sure I will exercise my influence to best serve the interests of the residents of our township,” Moore wrote. “I am one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. … As a detail-oriented individual, I am thorough and I am not afraid to ask questions when I am unclear about facts or issues.”

Moore described annexation threats, residential tax burdens and township growth as areas of concern for township residents.

“I will exercise due-diligence in safeguarding these very important concerns for the township,” Moore wrote. “I support the township’s strategic plans to protect our vulnerable boundaries to annexation through development while continuing to retain our rural and open-space values.”

Shanna Staten

Shanna Staten is a Wright State University graduate and has worked for Dayton-based Intelligent Algorithms for 15 years.

“I have the experience, the energy, the integrity and the dedication to lead our township,” Staten wrote. “I love our township, and I care what happens to it. Once elected, I will apply my business knowledge to financially benefit our township. I will make responsible decisions and keep an open line of communication to best serve our community.”

According to Staten, annexation of township land is the most important issue facing the township’s trustees going forward.

“The legislation is not written with the best interests of townships in mind, as cities get priority over our land,” Staten wrote. “We need to work hard and diligently to get the legislation amended to protect our township against further annexation.”





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