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Silvercreek has two levies on ballot


SILVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — Silvercreek Township is asking for new money through two levies Nov. 3. One is a replacement and increase for its fire and EMS, while the other is an increase to its general operating fund.

The fire and EMS levy was initially passed in 1987, but will differ in this election as the former levy generated $15,000 and was worth .075 mills, while the new/replacement will generate $81,000 and will be worth .75 and .25 mills.

Fiscal Officer Melissa Smith of Silvercreek Township said the money is needed to replace the department’s tanker. If it doesn’t pass, Smith said the township will continue to utilize its old tanker. The levy is indefinate.

“The old tanker is old and needs replaced,” she said. “We can’t do that unless we have the funds.”

The general operating levy is asking for new money. It is worth 1 mill and generates $81,000. The current levy generates $13,000, but that levy doesn’t expire until 2017. Smith said the elimination of estate tax and the decrease of local government revenue has depleated the general fund. If the levy passes, trustees would evaluate whether or not they would ask for the levy generating $13,000 in the future.

It would go toward day-to-day expenses, utility payments and insurance coverage. Smith said if the levy doesn’t pass, it would hurt the township’s ability to upkeep buildings. She said in her 20 years of serving the township, she doesn’t remember a time when it asked for new money.

“Taxpayers of this township have been supportive in the past, and I hope they continue that,” she said.

By Whitney Vickers

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