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Editor’s note: Please note that the deadline for political letters to the editor is now passed. These are the final letters received as of deadline.

Issue 18 – Too Much for Parks!


Issue 18, if passed, will collect $16.5 million from taxpayers for Greene County Park District over the next five years. The Greene County Commissioners already fund $1.8 million per year for the Park District to manage the parks owned by the County Commissioners and their portion of the bike trails. The Park District Commissioners, who are appointed (not elected, so do not fall under the Ohio Sunshine Law), have a projected income for 2015 of $255,000 with projected expenses of $346,000. They say they want more money to cover maintenance and to buy more park land. By my calculation, they would need approximately half a million dollars to cover expenses, not $16 million, over the next five years.

If they buy more park land, we will be taxed more to pay for development and maintenance of the new park land. Parks don’t contribute to property taxes, either.

The average income of Greene County families has decreased over the past several years. Social Security and retired Federal pay recipients are not getting a cost-of-living raise this year. Medicare expenses are increasing. Have you seen a raise lately in your pay check?

The Greene County Park District is overreaching. I would consider voting for a modest levy, but they have asked for more than we taxpayers should be asked to support. I urge you to vote NO on Issue 18.

Carolyn Uecker, Bath Township

Back Ryan Rushing for council


I have been a Beavercreek resident since 1983. In that time, I have been an educator and involved in the community ever since. Over the years I have seen and have known many candidates and members of Beavercreek City Council, and this year we have a special opportunity.

We have the opportunity now to make our Council even stronger by electing a new voice and fresh perspective. From having the pleasure of working with Ryan Rushing I can attest to his passion and dedication to public service.

Ryan will work tirelessly for the citizens of Beavercreek and work as, as Ryan calls it, an advocate and an ambassador for the community. Ryan believes in common sense initiatives that, I believe, our community shares: working to find innovative ways to provide efficient and effective services; working to attract and retain young talent and professionals; and always been accessible to the community to find out what our concerns are. I strongly support Ryan Rushing for City Council and urge you to do the same.

– Tony Ortiz, Beavercreek