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Cedarville names students of the month


Gazette News Report

CEDARVILLE — Cedar Cliff Local Schools named its students of the month for the middle and high schools.

Honored were: Mia Turner (sixth grade); Abbi Shepherd (seventh grade); Megan Belliveau (eighth grade); Grace Smith (ninth grade); Mitchel Anderson (10th grade); Rebecca Harris (11th grade); and Josie Danik (12th grade).

Turner is helpful and willing to contribute to every class discussion, according to the school. She works hard in class and has a great attitude.

Shepherd does a terrific job with her assignments, always gives 100 percent, constantly strives for success and welcomes new challenges. More importantly, Shepherd is always willing to help her peers to become successful, the school said.

Belliveau is a model student, participates in class, comes ready to learn and encourages those around her to do the same, according to the school. She goes out of her way to offer assistance when she notices someone needs help and extremely hard and always wants to know how to make things better. She is a great friend to her peers and is always kind.

Smith is a goal-oriented and hard-working student always making sure she is working toward something that will help her in class and to master a new skill she is working on, the school said. She has integrated herself well into a new school and continues to impress with her knowledge and excellent work ethic. She is responsible and contributing in the classroom.

Anderson is a responsible and dependable student. He comes to class prepared each day, contributes in class and helps those near him. Teachers appreciate his willingness to help out, the school said.

Harris takes on responsibility well and is very serious about getting the job done right. She works extremely hard in class and is a great leader. This goal-oriented and dedicated student is always making sure that she is trying to get other students involved in the class or group, according to the school. She is always working toward her personal goals with a good attitude.

Danik has a wonderful attitude and work ethic. She is pleasant and has a smile on her face every day. Danik goes above and beyond the minimum requirements and works ahead, the school said. She was extremely helpful in doing the senior sculpture, by heading up the project and kept the students on task.








Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz with information from Cedar Cliff Local Schools.