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Mainstream Media; A Total Sellout


I’m not sure if I’m out of touch, naïve, have a selective memory or I’m just a bit too critical but the mainstream media, comprised of “journalists”, appears to be out to get any conservative presidential candidate who seems to have a prayer of getting the GOP nomination.

I know, I’ve been a conservative radio and TV talk show host for nearly 40 years and my column reflects that same ideology, so I should know that. So why should I be surprised that the national media, with big time liberals at the helm, would be doing anything other than going after Republicans? Maybe that’s where my naïveté comes in. In the back of my mind I’ve always hoped the apparent attack on conservatives was inadvertent, or coincidental and accidental. Surely, I thought, not the entire field of network reporters, anchors and editors were subjective rather than being objective as should be the role of a true journalist. But after witnessing the witch hunts this political season, I realize just how wrong I’ve been.

Forgetting the CNBC GOP debate, which was more of a Republican barbeque, where candidates were not the dining guests at the meal but the main course being grilled, all one has to do is look at the two frontrunners in the polls for this first leg the race; Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

The attacks on Trump, the leader of the pack since announcing, have been merciless. A lesser man (or woman) would have collapsed under the accusations of racism, sexism and just about every other “ism” one could conjure up. But that very trait, the brushing off of baseless attack and innuendo, is the thing that makes voters love him and sends his poll numbers soaring after each round of bombardment.

Even more contemptable to me are the attacks on Ben Carson. The recent attempts to paint Carson to be a pathological liar reach a new low. Accounts of a rather stormy past pulled from a book Carson authored over two decades ago were said to be impossible to verify. What possible motive would an esteemed surgeon and scholar like Carson have to point out things like, as troubled youth, coming close to hitting his mother in the head with a hammer or nearly stabbing a relative, foiled only by the potential victim’s belt buckle? His motives were more likely, obvious to anyone with a third grade education, to illustrate his life before God entered it and to show that we can all have violent pasts and overcome them.

Those are the attacks on Republicans. Don’t get me started on the hands-off, head-in-the-sand “reporting” on Hillary Rodham Clinton that involved alleged cover-ups and lies in the Benghazi massacre, alleged use of her private emails to handle classified information and accusations those same emails were lied about in the ensuing investigation. The queen can do no wrong since apparently there just needs to be a DEM behind her name. If those charges were lodged against one of us we couldn’t be nominated to serve as dog catcher!

Despite much evidence to the contrary I always held out hope that the obvious liberal leanings of the mainstream networks was not pervasive. Boy, was I wrong! My only hope, which may be dwindling too, is that there are enough of us out here who can see that the “news” we see and hear is likely not news at all but a deeply held desire on the part of the network bosses to control what we see, hear and do. They aren’t far from it. And once we get there we might as well give up. The hopes of staying truly informed by unbiased guardians of the facts will have vanished. And along with it, a large slice of what has always made America great.


By Mike Scinto

Mike Scinto is a 39 year veteran talk show host serving locally, statewide and nationally behind the microphone. For the past dozen years he has authored this award-winning column. You may have also seen him offering his unique insights of Fox News Channel. “Friend” Mike at www.facebook.com/mikescintoshow or visit www.mikescintocolumns.blogspot.com