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Xenia Municipal Court


Gazette News Report

Dec. 2

Melissa Eades, 625 S. Detroit Street, Xenia; guilty disorderly conduct, fines $165.

Dec. 7

James W Clark Jr, 36 Leaman Street, Xenia; guilty disorderly conduct, fines $208.

Dec. 9

Samantha Joy Nelson, 27 N. Harbine Ave., Xenia; guilty endangering children, fines $553, 180 days, 9 days suspended. 2 years probation with assessment, must comply with CSB and it’s requirements and order to report to probation.

Alicia M Clifton, 209 High Street, Xenia; guilty violation open/closed hours, fines $160.

Akyra S Martin, 1400 Brush Row Road, Xenia; guilty possession of controlled substances, fines $190.

Dec. 11

Dorian L. Mcqueen, 1813 Bowman Dr, Xenia; guilty failure to confine, fines $220.

Dec. 16

Scott C. Davis, 1307 Stevenson Road, Xenia; guilty disorderly conduct by intox, fines $210.

Xenia Municipal Court report compiled from completed cases occuring in Xenia. Report compiled by Natalie Jones.