Fix HB523


When it was announced that legislators were going to attempt to legalize medical marijuana, I like so many other Ohioans, was excited, relieved, filled with gratitude and hope. I began to research which strains, forms and methods were widely deemed effective for patients in legal states that suffer from the same qualifying conditions as myself. I tried to approach this with both maturity and responsibility. The same approach all Ohioans had hoped that all of you would utilize in writing Ohio’s medical marijuana laws. Then HB523 came out.

Point 1: Rewriting workplace drug policy specifically for marijuana to remove all rights of unemployment benefits and workman’s comp is criminally malicious and unacceptable. Sufficient policies already exist!

Point 2: Doctors telling medical marijuana patients what form and potency they have to use won’t work. 1: Patients need to find what will work for them. 2: Forcing doctors to PROSCRIBE not recommend is wrong.

Point 3: Low potencies are ineffective for many of the conditions you are allowing.

It was hoped you would write legislation from a knowledgeable standpoint instead of blatant ignorance and fear. FIX HB523!

— Sharon L. Taulbee, Bellbrook