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Letters to the editor


Fireworks festival appreciated


Thank you for the events of July 1. It was well attended and we enjoyed the fireworks display. We realize there are a lot of “behind the scenes” work involved to put on a big day of events and we appreciate all the efforts and financial support given. The two downsides were: Accessible bathrooms (long porta-potty lines) could have been open in addition to porta-potties; and the light at Country Club Drive and Detroit Street should have been working instead of flashing as a stop light from Country Club onto Detroit. Traffic was really backed up and could have been handled better.

Overall, it was a great evening and we appreciated the fireworks.

— Marilee Rowland, Xenia

Thank you to generous officer


I would like to thank the woman Xenia Police Department (officer) who paid for my order at the McDonald’s located on Main Street recently. She was ahead of me in line. It was a nice thing for her to do and it made my day!

— Ann Byerman, Enon

Trash situation frustrating


I am writing this letter out of absolute frustration. I am not aware as to how the selection for city garbage collection is chosen, but this time the Xenia City Officials got it completely wrong! This is absolutely the worse company. Their service is extremely poor and their customer service is worse. Did anyone do a check as to their service to other communities or was cost the ultimate decider? Well, to our city officials I say you got what you paid for. Every week I must go and pick up trash that the “trashman” has left on the curb. And what am I supposed to do with items that are not garbage but is still trash? Please don’t say call the company, that female is so rude that she most definitely could benefit from customer service or just simple courtesy training. Did anyone check the low rating on their internet page? Help me. To whom do I direct my complaints (in Xenia) to help resolve these problems?

— Joanne Phoenix, Xenia