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Commissioners give grant to Sugarcreek


By Anna DeWine

[email protected]

XENIA — Greene County Commissioners entered into an agreement with Sugarcreek Township Trustees on Thursday in which they granted the township $542,130 to be used by Centerville.

The grant will be used for road improvements on Wilmington Pike, as well as to help secure Fire and EMS service for the newly-annexed Centerville, specifically the Cornerstone development.

During a work session on Sept. 22, Sugarcreek Township officials approached the commissioners with a written request for financial assistance. During conversation, the township discussed with the county the history of the issue, recalling that the argument had been going on for ten years.

County commissioners will grant the township $542,130, which is the exact amount that the township has collected from their Tax Increment Financing dollars that were used to pay for road improvements on Clyo Road. Centerville will utilize the money for road improvements along Wilmington Pike. The township will continue to maintain the portion of Clyo Road that is within Sugarcreek.

Safety issues are at the heart of this settlement. Not only will road improvements be made, but Fire and EMS services will be made available for the Cornerstone development.

“I think this is going to be a good thing, for the safety of all the area, for the residents and for the visitors who come in to shop and do business with Greene County,” Commissioner Alan Anderson said during the commissioners’ meeting.

Beyond safety is the economic concern, County Administrator Brandon Huddleson explained. Opportunities for more businesses coming to the area have hinged on this issue being resolved.

Because the money is being awarded as a grant, the township will not be required to reimburse the Board of Commissioners. The money being used for the grant is from the general fund, not from any road levies.

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