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Niemeyer for state rep


This summer I have had the great experience of interning on Barb Niemeyer’s campaign for state representative. Barb is a retired teacher of 35 years and serves as a trustee in London. She is also on the SMART Federal Credit Union Board of Directors. She has the experience in education and finance that is so crucial to success in the Ohio General Assembly. Her endorsements ranging from Ohio Education Association to labor unions to the Ohio Farm Bureau show the true nature and ideas of this campaign.

Barb will fight for Ohio’s working men and women and fight against our opponent’s “Right to Work” bill—just like she helped to repeal the anti-union Senate Bill 5. Moreover, Barb will work for a statewide water quality solution that affects so many communities in District 74 and beyond and, she will work to ensure that our local schools and cities are funded properly. Our schools are losing hundreds of thousands and more to poor performing charter schools. Xenia Community City Schools alone lost almost $2.7 million to charter schools.

Personally, being on this campaign and interacting with so many people in the district has further opened my eyes politically and to the reality people face. It’s easy to just read a stat sheet looking at Ohio’s economic numbers and stop there thinking everything is great. However, that’s just not the whole story: too many people in Plain City and Monroe Township cannot even drink their own water; public schools lose millions to poor performing charter schools like ECOT; cities such as Mount Sterling (without a school or police station) have been ravaged by state spending cuts.

As your representative, Barb will seek to strengthen our communities while importantly finding common ground across the aisle in an increasingly polarized Statehouse. This will be a close race, and the results will have a direct impact for all of us and for our local communities. We need Barb Niemeyer in the legislature to fight for each one of us!

— Alec Koppes, Plain City, Ohio

Why give Trump a chance?


We face a future of more trade unfair for Americans. Twenty-four years ago Democrats were ones against NAFTA and GATT trade‎. It changed with President Clinton- signing worst trade deals in history.

Ironicly, most of the prominate Republicans, the very ones who fail to endorse Trump,‎ were always for the unfair trade. These issues affect all ages, religions, gender and races of Americans. Let us look at a couple ways to reduce taxes but increase needed revenue on all levels of government:

1. Repeal the Republican sponsored “Do Not Call lists.”

‎A. This killed almost 2 million American jobs and only created about 500,000 IT jobs. In less than 15 years, six million jobs lost growth meaning less money for defense, education and local government 1st responders. Less employment is playing “dominos.”

B. People who put alter of “do not call” gave foreign business an advantage in business because it is very hard to enforce fines of $16,000- unless we are “unlucky” to be an American where it is easy to fine if we telemarket business.

C. In only 14 years, 60 percent of life insurance, health and annuity agents have left marketplace due to state license cannot protect needed telephone prospecting. While online has been available, about half have products per capita as 20 years ago. This means passion cannot be created to get anyone online or talk shows to have rebuttal. Also, without life insurance, it is hard for families to keep their inheritance.

‎2. Repeal Obamacare – passed by Democrats.

A. America‎n jobs are being sent to other nations without workers healthcare and EPA precautions. Globalists want to shrink our wages and income to third world levels. Give Trump’s policies a chance, regardless of his persona.

— Jeff Flora, Bath Township