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CSU receives grant from Ohio AG


Gazette News Report

WILBERFORCE — Central State University has received a grant to help expand the schools sexual assault prevention campaign, #NOMEANSKNOW.

The $88,000 grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will help the school continue Bystander Intervention Training, which was implemented this Fall with a targeted subset of student groups. Now, student leaders and resident advisors will receive training that details how to effectively report and respond to reports of sexual assaults. In addition, CSU campus police will receive enhanced training on the reporting of assaults and how to track and follow-up /monitor protection, trespassing and no-contact orders.

“We are excited to be a recipient of this grant,” said Dr. Stephanie Krah, vice-president for student affairs and enrollment management. “Although we hope none of our students are ever victims of sexual assault, we are glad to have the additional financial and human resources available to provide the necessary support mechanisms.”

Program advocates and peer advocates will be hired to work closely with victims to advise them of their rights and resources and to provide support.

The University’s collaborative approach involves establishing partnerships with Project Woman Rape Crisis Center of Springfield, Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County (FVPC), the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, and the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office Witness Protection Program. To help bring resources closer to students, Project Woman has a campus advocate stationed on campus.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.