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Familiarity leads student toward library science career


CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University’s Centennial Library provides resources that help students prepare for a variety of professional careers.

But in the case of Kirsten Setzkorn, the library staff cast a vision for a student’s career in library science.

Setzkorn, a 2013 history graduate, first became interested in library science at a Centennial Library Careers Program event. She realized that library science would allow her to use research skills she developed as a history major to help students learn and grow as specialists in their fields.

“Any good historian should be a good researcher,” Setzkorn said. “Having that sort of analytical and critical mind when you’re approaching the sources is something very valuable in the field of library science too.”

As part of an internship and independent study during her senior year, Setzkorn also worked as a student assistant in the library collection services department.

In 2013, Setzkorn experienced library science internationally during a mission trip to Croatia through Cedarville’s Global Outreach. For four weeks, she helped catalog more than 5,000 books at the Evangelical Theological Seminary, an international seminary in Croatia.

Upon graduation, Setzkorn earned the Centennial Library Scholarship Award in library science, offered annually to a graduate pursuing a master’s degree in library science.

“Just knowing that I had the support of Cedarville going forward and pursuing this profession was really encouraging,” Setzkorn said.

Setzkorn completed her Master of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University in December 2016. She currently serves as a library digital service specialist at Centennial Library, where she has worked for more than two years.

Setzkorn wants to continue pursuing a career in a academic library where she can contribute to the academic success of students and faculty. She said she would consider it an added joy to work at a Christian university where she can integrate her faith teaching young men and women. She wants to prepare them to be discerning researchers, scholars and lifelong learners as they go into the work force.


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