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Freshman Witt leads Rams to win


XENIA — It all started with a young kid using plastic clubs to hit golf balls around the yard at the age of 3.

Greeneview freshman Mason Witt first started following his father around on golf courses and imitating him. He would go out to the courses with his father and then come home and play with plastic clubs in the backyard. Before long, his parents realized that he had a real talent with the golf club.

“We started taking him out to par-3 courses, and Mason’s love for golf really just grew from there,” his father Aaron Witt said. “It just started with one club and hanging out with dad for a day.”

On Wednesday Sept. 6, the freshman led the Greeneview Rams high school boys golf team to a win over the Carroll Patriots at Sebastian Hills Golf Course. Greeneview won by a score of 181-191. Witt was the medalist of the match, shooting a 1-under-par 34. Carroll’s leading scorer, Tyler Goecke, shot a 41 on the course.

Mason has quickly taken a leadership position on this young team. He has a very calm demeanor and does not let bad shots rattle him. Even though Witt is young, he is very experienced and this allows him to not get overly worried over a bad shot.

“Even if Mason hits a bad putt, he just walks up to the putt, puts it in, thinks about it for a bit and then moves on,” Greeneview coach Paul Thompson said. “His teammates see that you can have a bad shot or hole, but that it doesn’t have to carry over to the next one.”

For the past five matches, Witt has shot a minus 8. Because of the skills Witt has developed, people on the team are willing to listen to advice he has on how to improve their shots.

“He is always willing to help and talk to guys and adjust their stance and grips,” coach Thompson said.

Witt said he hopes to improve his performances, specifically on the road in the future, but that he is enjoying leading the team right now.

“It means a lot to me to be able to come here and be a leader on this team,” Witt said. “I try to always encourage my teammates and lead by example.”

By Joshua Woolverton

Greene County News

Joshua Woolverton is an intern for the Greene County News.