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City prepping to flush hydrants


XENIA — City of Xenia maintenance crews will flush city fire hydrants beginning Monday, Oct. 2 in order to test the hydrants and clean the water mains.

The city-wide flushing has been scheduled the entire week and will take place 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

During the week, residents could notice discolored water, low water pressure, and hydrants flowing for long periods of time. The water is safe to drink, however, it is suggested that all residents check their water before drawing it, or laundering clothes. When hydrants are flushed in one area of the city, water could also become discolored in other areas.

For residents with water softeners, it is suggested the unit not be cycled at night unless the water has been checked. In addition, the softener can be bypassed if the water is discolored for any length of time.

The tentative schedule for flushing is:

Oct. 2: Northwest of West Church Street, north of Market Street, and Dayton Avenue, and west of North Detroit Street — Beverly Hills, Fairmoor Heights, Timber Ridge, North Galloway Areas and Laynewood north of Dayton Avenue.

Oct. 3: West of US 35 and northwest of Bellbrook Avenue. The Colorado sections of Arrowhead, Sterling Green, Childers, Reserve of Xenia and Wright Cycle Estates.

Oct. 4: North of East Church Street, and east of North Detroit Street, including Amlin Heights and Old Springfield Pike — Kinsey Meadows, Summer Brooke, Stadium Heights, Greene Memorial Hospital.

Oct. 5: Between Church Street, Market Street, and Dayton Avenue on the north and south of East Third Street along Cincinnati Avenue to Industrial Boulkevard to Bellbrook Avenue and northeast of US 35. This includes Arrowhead north of US 35, Laynewood on both sides of West Second Street, and the downtown Area going east to the corporation limit.

Oct. 6: South of Third Street and East of Bellbrook Avenue to Industrial Boulevard, then east of Cincinnati Avenue. This includes South Hill, Legacy, and Industrial Park.

For more information, can call 937-376-7232, or visit www.XploreXenia.com, and enter seasonal services in the site search box for a map outlining the hydrant flushing zones.

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Xenia Daily Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.