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CU scholarship focuses on bringing “heaven on earth”


CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University is partnering with the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association (FBFA) to provide a three-quarter or potentially full-tuition scholarship for a student from an FBFA church who enrolls at Cedarville.

This Rev. James D. Parker Young Leader Scholarship was established to encourage student leaders from the FBFA and to promote Cedarville University among non-majority communities.

In 1954, the Reverend James D. Parker Sr. was the first African-American student to be accepted at Cedarville College. In 2017, Parker’s grandsons, Joe Kornegay and Daniel Brown, enrolled as freshmen at Cedarville.

FBFA churches frequently collaborate with Cedarville University, regularly hosting Cedarville ministry teams.

“We are an institution of higher education, and the learning is enhanced when different groups are brought together for a common purpose,” said Greg Dyson, director of intercultural leadership. “We, as Christians, are called to be known by our love for one another.”

“We believe the Bible. The Bible states that we all came from Adam, that Jesus Christ died on a cross to redeem mankind and that one day every tribe, tongue and nation will serve Jesus together forever in heaven,” said Thomas White, president of Cedarville University. “There is no room in Christianity for racism of any kind. We should love God and one another. For that reason, Cedarville University is honored to commit time and resources into partnerships with faithful groups like the FBFA, which in return will help our campus look more like heaven.”

To apply for this scholarship, visit cedarville.edu/ParkerScholarship. This scholarship is available to a freshman or transfer student, regardless of major, who enrolls at Cedarville starting fall 2018.

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Story courtesy Cedarville University.