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Incumbent challenged for 10th District seat


GREENE COUNTY — Incumbent Mike Turner is being challenged in the Primary Election Tuesday, May 8 by two additional republicans, John Anderson and John Mitchel; and three democrats, Theresa Gasper, Robert Klepinger and Miachel Milisits, to represent Ohio’s 10th Congressional District.

For more information about the race, visit ballotpedia.org.

Mike Turner

Turner was elected in 2003 to represent the district after serving as the mayor of Dayton for eight years. His term representing the 10th District expires in 2019. Issues highlighted on his website, miketurner.com, include creating jobs and growing the economy, fighting the opioid epidemic, strengthening and protecting Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, fighting for the military, eliminating sexual assault in the military, among others.

John Anderson

Anderson was defeated in a run for the 10th District seat in 2012 and in 2014. For the last 30 years, Anderson has served as a civilian member of the United States Air Force. Anderson highlighted 29 “commitments” on his website, johnandersonforcongress.com. If elected, he is committed to passing a balanced budget amendment, as well as term limits for members of congress and the senate, supporting the Fair Tax Act, passage of legislation that would require house and senate members to comply with laws and regulations of all other Americans and the implementation of an independent audit of congress.

John Mitchel

Mitchel is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, USAF command/instructor polot, lietenant colonel (ret.) and oathkeeper.

“I am running for Congress to remove that burden and restore a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but I need your help,” he wrote on his website, reformcongress.com.

He highlighted term limits, tax reform, balancing the budget, the second ammendment and legal reform, among others.

Theresa Gasper

Gasper is a fourth-generation Daytonian and owner of two businesses within the Miami Valley. Her background on housing advocacy highlights educating first-time homebuyers, coaching current homeowners through loan modification and organizing volunteer repair efforts for elderly homeowners.

According to her website, gasperforcongress.com, she supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, affordable and accessible healthcare for all, increasing access to opioid treatment, federal legislation to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and putting an end to unlimited corporate spending.

Robert Klepinger

Kleginger received the democratice nomination for the 10th District seat in 2014 but was defeated. He ran again against Turner and Thomas McMasters in 2016 but was defeated once again by Turner. According to his website, robertklepinger.com, he calls himself a “progressive” and supports continuing and improving the Affordable Care Act, raising minumum wage, raising the cap on social security, lower interest rates on student loans and overtime pay for individuals who work more than 40 hours per week.

Michael Milisits

Milisits has lived in Kettering since he was an infant. He worked for his wife’s small carpet upholstery business, where he learned the workings of a small business. He briefly worked with IBEW as an electrician’s helper then went to work for AT&T as a premise technician. Through his job, he was able to perform service calls across the region and met a variety of community members along the way.

According to his website, oh10.us, he supports preventing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, providing living wages, expanding and protecting social security benefits, renewable energy, improving infrastructure, among others.

By Whitney Vickers

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