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Cedarville students, profs heading to Israel


CEDARVILLE — Many people visit Israel to immerse themselves in biblical and world history. But for a group of 40 Cedarville University students and two professors, they’re traveling to the Holy Land while history is being made.

Dr. Glen Duerr, associate professor of international studies, and Dr. Matt Bennett, instructor of missions and theology, will lead a group of Cedarville University students from the history and government and bible departments on a discovery of biblical history. They will also seek to understand modern Israel and the impact of its relationship with its middle eastern neighbors. Students will learn how Israel’s geography affects its domestic and foreign policy. Their discussions will include the recent relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The group will also visit the Golan Heights and the West Bank, while observing the Gaza Strip in order to see the effects of terrorist conflict and protests in those areas. Students will learn about Israel’s government and economy, the current tensions in the middle east and the Isis presence in Syria and Iraq.

“We will see the Bible come to life,” Duerr said. “We will walk up the location of the Ssermon on the mount and envision the things we read about in the gospels. I want our students to come away with a geopolitical understanding. I want them to have a connection with Israel and a heart for the peoples of the region.”

The students will get a full taste of Israeli culture during their 12-day journey. They will celebrate Shabbat, the Sabbath, with Israeli families. The group will also spend several days living in a kibbutz, an independent rural community of people who share property and belongings.

“We will experience a really fulfilling biblical and geopolitical understanding of Israel,” Duerr said. “We will be able to interact with the Israeli, Christian, Arab and Palestinian people in lectures and conversations. We will see the people living in the land today and the issues that they face.”