XENIA — The Xenia Community School District is utilizing a new board management tool to keep citizens informed and involved.

The district now uses BoardDocs, a web-based program that allows 24/7 access to information. It also maximizes the effectiveness of board meetings, according to a release from the district. Those interested can view board meeting information prior to meetings, and, after the meeting, individuals can review the agenda items and see what action the board took, complete with voting results.

All documents associated with the meetings are automatically archived and can be accessed by meeting date or by using BoardDoc’s search feature.

“By utilizing BoardDocs, we are continuing our commitment to transparency and community engagement,” said Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Lofton.

The annual cost is $10,600. Lofton said the board will quickly recoup that cost by going paperless and saving on the paper cost of copying agenda items and attachments. There will be savings on staff time to prepare the agenda and minutes as well.

“By adopting Board Docs, the board is keeping in line with one of our strategic goals of operational efficiency,” Lofton said.

Xenia is the first district in Greene County to use BoardDocs, which also has bio information for the board members as well as school district policies, strategic goals and the current school year calendar.

BoardDocs can be accessed from the district website — www.xenia.k12.oh.us — by clicking on “Board of Education” then on the “BoardDocs” link on the right side.

By Scott Halasz

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