WILBERFORCE — Central State University’s public radio station recently completed a comprehensive antenna upgrade to improve signal coverage and capacity.

The new antenna provides next-generation performance for WCSU FM and means that WCSU can now reach more than 500,000 homes in and around the Miami Valley.

Before the upgrade, only listeners in Greene County could count on signal clarity. The signal boost means that not only can the Montgomery County audience count on clearer reception but that WCSU FM is able to reach listeners outside of Montgomery County; with coverage extending beyond Miamisburg to the south, Huber Heights to the north and Springfield to the northeast.

“This is an exciting time for the station,” said Tony Chappel, operations manager for WCSU FM. “The antenna upgrade means we can now reach a larger community who will become more aware of CSU’s ability to serve the broader region.”

Over the last several years WCSU FM has won numerous awards including, Ohio eTech awards for educational service, and national Black Public Radio Station of the Year.

“The new upgrade is good business,” said Dr. Franklin, general manager of WCSU FM. “It opens up new possibilities for the station in terms of underwriting. Sponsors are able to reach a wider potential listening audience, which can lead to increased business. The ability to reach more people makes it that much easier for our marketing staff to encourage new businesses to support WCSU FM; and supporting WCSU FM is good for the community.”

According to Franklin WCSU has been providing quality programming to the Miami Valley for more than 50 years and has since become one of the best public radio stations in the nation. WCSU hosts some of the finest jazz and community based programs on radio.

“This radio station truly is a treasure,” Franklin said. “As the first HBCU radio station in the nation, it has done a fantastic job of serving the Miami Valley for the past 50 years. This upgrade will help ensure that WCSU is around to support the community for 50 more.”

WCSU-FM is a non-profit public radio station dedicated to providing high quality cultural and news programming and services that educate, inspire, and enlighten. To learn more about WCSU’s programs visit www.wcsufm.org.