CEDARVILLE — For the past three years, The Wall Street Journal has ranked Cedarville University in the top five schools nationally for student engagement. The trend continued this year as Cedarville is ranked No. 3 in the United States.

Dordt College of Iowa remained at the top of the list for the third consecutive year, and was followed by Oklahoma Baptist University, and Cedarville. Others in the top 10 include Texas Christian University, Brigham Young University, Brown University, and the University of Southern California. Cedarville University is the lone Ohio university in the rankings top tier.

According to the Journal, student engagement measures how challenged and inspired students feel inside and outside the classroom, as well as the breadth of courses their schools offer.

“It is an honor for Cedarville University to be recognized on this ranking,” said Dr. Thomas Mach, vice president for academics and chief academic officer. “This ranking is a product of Cedarville’s intentional pursuit of mentoring and discipling students. Our goal is to provide a community where students can grow in their faith.”

According to Mach, the ranking reflects the commitment to student success and growth by professors in and out of the classroom.

“They come to Cedarville for the opportunity to minister to students,” he said. “By walking with them through their 1,000 days at Cedarville, faculty and staff have the opportunity to invest in the lives of students. That investment pays dividends by preparing students for engagement in the workforce, in their society and in their church.”