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Replacing fiction with biblical thinking about the spiritual realm


CEDARVILLE — Angels, demons and spiritual warfare has sparked the imagination of many and lead some to create myths and legends for what the Bible reveals is very real.

Dr. John Gilhooly, assistant professor of philosophy and theology and director of Cedarville University’s honors program, tackles these topics in his book “40 Questions About Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare.” The book is scheduled for release Tuesday, Oct. 30.

“I want people to think biblically about these topics,” Gilhooly said. “I tried to show a method for starting with what the Scriptures say before starting with anecdotes, experiences or wild things we may have heard or encountered.”

Each chapter is four to eight pages long containing a succinct answer to a commonly asked question regarding spiritual powers, spiritual warfare and cult practices.

Gilhooly joins fellow Cedarville professor Dr. Jeremy Kimble as an author in Kregel Publications’ “40 Questions Series.” Kimble, assistant professor of theology, contributed a book about church membership and discipline last May. Gilhooly credits Kimble with encouraging him to pursue and write his upcoming book.

“Dr. Gilhooly specifically addresses the topics of angels, demons and spiritual warfare, all of which are areas Christians can use further biblical and theological clarification,” Kimble said. “His book will be of great service to the church as well as the academy as he discusses these doctrines in an approachable and biblical manner.”

Dr. Billy Marsh, assistant professor of theology, is excited to use Gilhooly’s book in his upper-level Bible class “Christian Theology 3: Humanity, Angels and Salvation.” Since the release date was slated for after the beginning of fall classes, Gilhooly kindly shared a prepublication copy that Marsh used for their unit on angelology.

“Missing from evangelical theology is a standard textbook or academic work on angels and demonology. I have struggled to find credible sources that are biblically and theologically faithful to require and pass along to the students,” Marsh said. “I have been waiting in eager expectation for Dr. Gilhooly’s book because I firmly believe that it will fill that void with no real rival.”