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Perales challenged in 73rd district


XENIA — Incumbent Rick Perales is being challenged by Kim McCarthy in the Ohio House of Representatives 73rd district.

McCarthy, an accountant and business owner, said she is not a career politician and decided to run when she began attending county commission meetings regularly and didn’t like what she found. At a recent forum she said the country is in a crisis socially and economically.

Perales is in his third term as a state rep and previously served as a Beavercreek mayor and city councilman and a Greene County commissioner. A military veteran, he told a crowd at a recent forum that his whole life has been about service and he enjoys being a state rep.

Below are the answers to Greene County News contested race questions:

State Representative 73rd District

Kim McCarthy

Date of birth: Jan. 28, 1969

Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I am the right person for this seat because I am in touch with what people need in District 73.

Having run a small business in Greene County for more than 20 years, I know what it takes to be successful, and the impact the state has on that ability. I know what it’s like to have employees, and how to motivate and lead. My accounting background gives me the fiscal skills necessary regarding budgets and cost analysis in the statehouse. My work with a CPA helps me see what local businesses are up against when it comes to taxes and regulations imposed by Columbus. I’ve spent this campaign meeting with local stakeholders and various officials, as well as knocking on thousands of doors, listening to people where they live.

I know how to listen and how to empathize with others, and put myself in their shoes. It helps me see the bigger picture and work together with people to come up with solutions to our problems. I take no corporate PAC money, and people will know I’m beholden only to them. I am dedicated to doing everything I can to serve my fellow Greene Countyers, and to help make the lives of everyday Ohioans better.

I offer ideas and vision for a better path than what our current politics offers. I would be honored to be given the chance to be your next state representative, so that this vision of a better future for our communities can be shared.”

What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters for this issue?

“That issue is arguably the growing inequality within our society, since so many other problems we face stem from that. (The rising costs of healthcare, and the benefits to be had through implementation of a single-payer health insurance system are a close second.) The stock market might be booming at the moment, but that doesn’t help the 70 percent of American workers now living paycheck-to-paycheck, or the 40 percent of Americans who report being unable to meet an unexpected expense.

Ohio has shamefully slipped below the average median ranking in a dozen different national economic performance categories, and a major way of redressing it is by bringing balance back to the Ohio tax system. Lawmakers have switched our taxation from income and capital gains taxes more onto sales and property taxes, and have left Ohio one of only six states that have no corporate income tax.

This unfairly burdens the working and middles classes and fixed income seniors. It has damaged the ability of local schools, municipalities, and counties to do their jobs, including trying to meet all of the state-required unfunded mandates, including high stakes testing in schools. The result is that our schools and local communities continually have to keep coming back to the voters asking for property tax money to fulfill those responsibilities. It’s time for those who have gained the most from living in Ohio, the wealthiest of individuals and corporations, to pay their fair share like the rest of us.”


Rick Perales

Date of birth: Sept. 7, 1959

Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“My entire life has been about service. I’ve served our country in the military, as a leader in higher education, in local public office, and I look forward to continuing to serve the 73rd Ohio House District. I stand behind my record of public service as a mayor, county commissioner, and state representative. I pride myself on my availability, responsiveness, and the conservative values that guide me in my decision-making. My daily decision-making is informed by the input and ideas I receive every day from constituents across the entire district. Serving the public, making our community, this state, and the country a better place to live and raise a family is my passion.

My opponent has never held an elected office. Our positions differ on matters of substance. With no record of public service, her campaign strategy has been to attack and mislead. As a proud veteran, champion for WPAFB and patriot who grew up in a military family, I am offended by my opponent’s lack of respect for this country as evidenced in her refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at Greene County Commissioners meetings. We are all Americans, we need to support this country and the ideals it stands for.”

What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters for this issue?

“1.Opioid/drug crisis — The opioid/drug crisis affects nearly every community and family in Ohio. This is a crisis that will not be resolved by the government alone, it will take all aspects of our community to combat Ohio’s drug abuse problem. During this current term, we put $180 million into the critical aspects of dealing with this crisis — prevention, treatment, mental health and workforce programs. Working closely with the Secret Service, my House Bill 405 (waiting on governor’s signature) will cut back on drug use by cracking down on a major funding source for illicit drug trafficking — counterfeit currency and credit cards. Additionally, as chair of the Finance, Higher Education Subcommittee, we put significant funding into short-term certificates to allow for job opportunities once addicts are clean. These job opportunities allow the former drug abusers the chance to stay clean.

2. Economy and work force development — In order to compete in today’s competitive market, where other states are vying for the same jobs that we are, Ohio needs two-thirds of its adult population to have a post-secondary education by 2025. If we do not have a qualified, trained, and educated work force, we will not be able to attract major employment opportunities. We have to provide the right education and training opportunities that match workforce needs. This means Ohio needs to emphasize not only 4-and 2-year degrees but also career-technical, adult apprenticeship, and short-term certificates will drive Ohio to greater prosperity.“



By Scott Halasz

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