Editor’s notes: The deadline for election letters to the editor has passed. Deadline for Nov. 6 election letters was Oct. 22.

Vote for every Democrat


Remember Nov. 6 is a General Election, if it’s important to you to maintain your card-carrying status as Independent or Republican, you can vote for every Democrat on your ballot and nobody will know. It will benefit you and future generations. If you want to make a difference while you still can, vote!

To make America “sane” again, get informed and vote! Democrats don’t promise perfection or come with a magic wand to make all our troubles go away but we care about people we may never meet. We want to make things fair for all. If there is no hope of justice, opportunities, a living wage, education and healthcare there will be no peace.

When hope is gone, then riots and violence will become a reality. Are we to see women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters accept they are not equal under the ultra-conservative male dictatorship? Bowing to and accepting intolerable conditions because they aren’t male is not a Democracy.

Liberal men are secure in their masculinity, not frighten by strong, opinionated women but ultra conservative men are, that’s why we are seeing are this violence and chipping away of rights of women.

Please vote for two openings on the Ohio Supreme Court: Judge Melody Stewart and Judge Michael Donnelly. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

— Doris Adams, Xenia

Representing District 74


A little over seven months ago, I embarked on a new journey, after retiring from a long career of teaching choral music in Ohio schools. That journey was to run for State House Representative in District 74, including Madison, and parts of Greene and Clark Counties. You see, after a phone call from a former student, and a little research, I truly felt led to this action.

Throughout my campaign, I have attended fairs, festivals, parades, “meets and greets”, endorsement interviews, done phone banking, written postcards and walked door-to-door meeting voters from all parties. I’ve introduced myself, and basically asked them what their concerns were. Here is what I’ve heard:

”I don’t care what’s happening in North Korea. I need gas to get to work.”

“I’m scared to death, because I have six kids and no health insurance.”

“We’re raising our grandkids, because our daughter is in jail for opioid addiction.”

“We’re going to lose the family farm, because my kids can’t afford to run it.”

“I have two jobs, and still can’t make ends meet. And I can’t be home with my kids.”

“My nephew went to ECOT, and didn’t make it through. He’s now 20 and in tenth grade.”

“What is happening? Why are people so hateful?”

“I’m a woman wanting to open a small business, and can’t get answers.”

“Our townships can’t continue to be run on less and less money, without returning to the taxpayers for the basics.”

Based on these conversations, it is clear that our citizens’ needs are not being addressed in the legislature. I think that we need to start listening to citizens again, and taking them at their word, because the job of the legislature is to serve the needs of the people.

So what can we do? Well, we can start addressing these issues by making a change in the Statehouse. If elected, with your help, I will be your voice in Columbus, and your agent for change. It’s time for all of us to take action vote!

— Anne Gorman, Democratic Candidate for Ohio House 74

Questioning the levy


Hey guys. just wondered why we (taxpayers) are helping support Kettering Hospital’s local location — Greene Memorial? Is this a hold over from the time when Greene County owned the hospital or is this a carrot dangled in front of Kettering to keep Greene Memorial running here in Xenia?

One answer I have received is that it is to help pay for treatment of indigenous patients. Most of us see that this is a renewal so we think we have been paying it all along so we will continue helping Greene. Just wondered. Do any other communities where Kettering is located give them $1.75 m?

I like Greene Memorial and have been a patient there several times for operations and emergency room services. I am glad we are blessed with their presence. But why are we helping a big business like Kettering? If the answer makes sense, then I won’t feel so bad when real estate taxes are due.

— Donald Harner, Xenia

Support for Issue 2


The manufacturing industry continues to be a vital component of the Dayton Region’s economy, made up of almost 2,500 companies employing 125,000 people. Data shows that there is a dire need for trained workers in manufacturing and machining trades. Schools like Miami Valley CTC and Upper Valley Career Center are seeing their graduates get on average six job offers upon completion of their career-technical program.

Issue 2 will provide funds to build a much needed, more modern career center that will fill the needs of business, future students, and their children. Current programming will remain intact, and the district will add classes like engineering technology and robotics, giving students the skills they need to be successful in careers in the manufacturing industry.

The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association fully endorses Issue 2 and encourages all Greene County voters to consider the positive impact its passage will have on the local workforce and economic development.

— Angelia M. Erbaugh, President Dayton Region Manufacturers Assoc.

Keeping pre-existing condition mandate


I am 68, retired, and have a chronic medical condition. So do my son and granddaughter. The Affordable Care Act, by mandating that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions, makes it possible for us to have medical insurance. However, Republicans at all levels, from Donald Trump, Mike Turner, and Mike Dewine down, support gutting the ACA and repealing the pre-existing condition mandate. To protect our right to affordable health insurance, I must follow the advice of conservative columnist George F. Will and vote a straight Democratic ticket. I urge you to do the same.

— Richard Bullock, Yellow Springs

Vote for Mike Turner


A vote for Mike Turner is a vote for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and for Greene County. Congressman Turner has been a leader in assuring WP AFB, and our county, and our country have prospered from past BRAC base realignments,. We need to keep him in Congress when these programs continue to be reviewed.

Please join us in voting for Congressman Turner.

— Laurel Mayer, Fairborn

Expand opportunities for our students


As President of the Greene County Career Center’s Board of Education, I have seen first-hand the exemplary work of current and former students as they make a dramatic impact on the local workforce. The opportunities we are providing through focused hands-on training have given thousands of graduates a head start on careers that affect us all.

Our Board’s decision to seek voter approval of Issue 2 came after much research and deliberation. From the job market study executed by The Greentree Group to the community survey done by Fallon and Associates, the facts led us to the conclusion that building a new career center was the best thing for generations of future students seeking the kinds of skills that translate directly into the workplace. This levy is about workforce development and keeping jobs in the area. Companies are losing business opportunities due to a shortage of workers in areas such as engineering technology, aircraft maintenance and Information Technology. In addition, there is a shortage of skilled technicians in many traditional local businesses, including plumbers, welders and mechanics.

We sought alternative funding through the State of Ohio and even solicited donations from private industry. Governor Kasich vetoed a bill that would have allowed the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to fund career-technical schools like they do K-12 schools. Private industry has enthusiastically offered assistance with curriculum development and equipment, but is unable to commit dollars to the facilities project itself.

A new Greene County Career Center will be a facility that brings pride to all Greene County communities. Of the seven Boards of Education in Greene County, Beavercreek, Bellbrook-Sugarcreek, Cedar Cliff, Fairborn, Greeneview and Xenia have all passed resolutions endorsing Issue 2. This indicates that they see the value of what the Career Center offers and how it has a strong impact on economic development. I urge you to vote “for” Issue 2 to fund this project so we can ensure opportunities for generations to come.

— Mike Uecker, Greene County Career Center Board of Education President

Vote for GMH renewal levy


Greene Memorial Hospital is an integral part of Greene County having provided medical services to the community for nearly 70 years.

The hospital is a haven for those who are ill or needing surgery. The emergency department is without par, and the patient rooms are inviting and comfortable.

The staff is caring, and the patients are treated with the utmost courtesy.

As a volunteer, it is my pleasure to see patients being escorted from the hospital with smiles on their faces, having experienced a relaxing and healing experience at Greene Memorial.

A five-year levy is on the ballot for the November mid-term election which will greatly benefit the hospital and allow continued premier service to the community. There will be no new tax with this levy, it is a renewal

I urge you to vote for this renewal.

— Joan Baxter, President Greene Memorial Auxiliary

A different perspective on commission


Isn’t it time for all voices to be heard in Greene County government? The commissioners have been interchangeable for so many years you likely don’t even know their names. But they speak in one voice and push one agenda. What about your voice? Susan Lopez will bring a new voice and a new perspective to the Commission. Her agenda will be supporting business and families to make Greene County work for all of us. Your vote is your voice. Elect Susan Lopez.

— Susan Alberter, Yellow Springs

Lopez commissioner


It is with great enthusiasm that I support Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner.

I have volunteered alongside Susan for more than five years on our church’s congregational care board, where Susan serves as director. Caring and compassion for those she serves is unmistakable. Susan, a woman of integrity, has also served the people of Greene County through the non-profit Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Family Resource Center. She has proven great interest in serving her neighbors well.

What I respect about Susan is her willingness to discuss concerns and to hear all sides of an issue. She is open to new ideas. Susan enthusiastically undertakes and accomplishes tasks with good judgement and outstanding moral character.

I am confident that Susan will serve all residents of Greene County with the same great passion, energy, fairness, and intelligence. Please join me in supporting Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner.

— Nancy Kim, Beavercreek

Vote for Issue 1


Ohioans – our families and friends – are reeling from the opioid epidemic and related struggles. Issue #1, on the ballot Nov. 6, will help make us all safer and healthier.

I’ve focused my campaign for Greene County Clerk of Courts on informing residents of community concerns: the proposed new county jail, the federally compliant driver’s license requirements, and most importantly, Issue #1, The Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment (also known as the Drug and Criminal Justice Policies Initiative).

In short, Issue #1 will offer much-needed criminal justice reform, helping those who battle drug addiction get the help they need. It has no effect on how courts sentence drug traffickers or violent felons.

It’s self-funding. Issue #1 will reduce the state prison population. (Several of those institutions are private, for-profit facilities with guaranteed bed provisions – and state dollars – in their multi-year contracts.) Issue #1 will redirect millions of those dollars back to local communities for corrections, drug and mental health treatment, and family services.

Yes, it’s a constitutional amendment. As Ohio has allowed since 1913, this citizens’ initiative is a legal avenue of last-resort for the 730,000 Ohioans who signed the petitions. When our elected representatives don’t legislate, we must.

Take time to read the four short pages of this amendment (https://yesononeoh.com/) for yourself and move past the partisan spin. Franklin County Judge Chris Brown spells out the fine points on Facebook, if you’re so inclined.

Issue #1 is an urgently needed first step. It will help improve the lives of thousands of Ohioans who battle drug addiction – our neighbors, our friends, our families. And passage will force Columbus to deal with fine-tuning this legislation rather than continuing to ignore the problem.

Read the text. Get past the misinformation, the political rhetoric, and the fear-mongering spouted by the opposition. Consider those in our community who suffer from the failed war on drugs, and vote your conscience, not politics.

— Cyndi Pauwels, Yellow Springs

Support GCCC


As a Greene County Career Center (GCCC) graduate of the class of 1976, I encourage all Greene County voters to support and vote for Issue 2. This initiative will give Greene County Career Center the facility, equipment and technology to further strengthen our workforce. Thousands of alumni like me received life-changing experiences at the Career Center. We want GCCC to continue building our local workforce with trained graduates who understand the value of hard-work and giving back to their communities.

The research and data done for the levy shows a need in the region for all of the career areas already offered at the GCCC. Their plans for expansion will add even more trained workers in key areas like manufacturing, information technology and engineering technology. We must stay relevant and expand our career training options.

On a more personal note, attending the Greene County Career Center my senior year in high school gave me focus, a path to follow and the confidence to go into the workplace. My first full-time job following graduation led to a 30 year successful career in the financial services industry. That career then led to my current career of 18 years as a business coach to small business owners and individuals.

Our Career Center has proven to be a valuable and vital contributor to our economy with hands-on training for generations of students. The passage of Issue 2 will help them continue this tradition. Please join me and Vote Yes for Issue 2.

— Diane Dixon, Xenia

Important renewal levies


I write this letter in support of the Greene Memorial Hospital levy, Issue 5, a renewal with no new taxes, to be on the ballot on Nov. 6. I am also in support of Issues 6, 7, 8, which are all renewals with no tax increase, as well as Issue 2, even as a new tax.

I can actually remember the opening of Greene Memorial Hospital in 1951 when I was 10 years old. It has been a blessing to my entire family over the years for various healthcare needs, especially for its emergency services when needed my me and my family.

As I lifelong resident of Greene County, I have knowledge of a number of fellow residents who have benefited from Greene’s professional health care services. Having been in a position to know, I am aware of the high quality—across the board—care provided to all of us, sometimes including those who are unable to pay. Greene served over 120,000 patients last year, and 22,000 of those in their Emergency Department, so many rely on its care, sometimes when minutes matter.

From its beginning, the hospital has been supported by residents from all walks of life through funds provided by county-wide levies. Such support is not unique to Greene Memorial as other hospitals across our region receive funding from county-wide health and human services levies. Vital, local healthcare remains in place because of levy funding.

On November 6, please, along with me, vote yes on Issue 5 for the important support of Greene Memorial Hospital.

— John Finlay, Xenia

Susan Lopez for commissioner


Susan Lopez, candidate for Greene County Commissioner, believes the simplest justification for government is to protect all citizens. To protect and provide community-based services that will assist the majority of people, while being a good steward of your tax dollars.

Susan Lopez’s experience as a (former) Greene County employee (Children & Family First), current Director of a nonprofit Family Resource Center and a small business owner, qualifies her to be a public servant for the citizens of Greene County. This year she was named one of the Top 25 Women to Watch in the Miami Valley!

Her background in Social Services is missing amongst the current county commissioners. Social Service is collectively the county’s largest budget item. Susan knows helping and empowering people brings a sense of community which can lead to long-lasting community improvement.

Susan has spent the majority of her career giving back through her work and volunteering on multiple community and county advisory groups.

Susan Lopez is for better transparency in your local government. She will work on the development of open and easy methods for citizens to participate in meetings and request public records. She will NEVER treat this community as a commodity.

It is time for a change and that needed change is Susan Lopez!

— Marcia J. Treadway, Dayton

A vote for Lopez


I have examined the qualification of the candidates for Greene County Commissioner and concluded that Susan Lopez will best represent all the people of Greene County.

The rationale for my endorsement of Susan lies on her dedication to public service to all residents of the county, not just the power elite. She has served the citizens of Greene County in many capacities but all of them involve service to our county’s less fortunate as a human service provider.

Her professionalism as director of a family resource center and as a committee member for 11 years on the Greene County Family Services Commission show that she is a valued resource in the community. Her excellent work was been recognized in 2018 as one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch in the Miami Valley” by the Women in Business Network and the “2017 Bellbrook Citizen of the Year.”

Her 15-year service to Greene County is too long to list, but when called to serve Greene County as a volunteer for social service activities, Susan is a thoughtful and compassionate participant. The current Greene County Board of Commissioners lacks a leader who understands human services and the needs of the people. This is a significant role that Susan can fill as social services is collectively the largest portion of the Greene County budget.

Susan can use her expertise to focus on family-oriented expenditures and limit wasteful spending on programs that don’t work. She will be a true champion not only for the people but also for our communities and businesses.

No other candidate for Greene County Commissioner has worked so extensively with agencies and organizations that Greene County partners with on a daily basis. I urge my friends and Greene County neighbors to cast their vote for Susan Lopez on Nov. 6.

— Lawrence Prochaska, Beavercreek