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Vote for Lopez


Greene County deserves a commissioner committed to the job of serving its citizens. Dick Gould, a Certified Public Accountant, intends to leave his elected position as County Treasurer two years before the term is up, triggering a political appointment for the remaining two year term instead of citizens choosing who they want to serve as our Treasurer.

This is one reason why I am voting for Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner. Susan will be committed to serving a full term as commissioner. She is a small business owner who has years of experience serving children and families throughout the county. She has a track record of listening to problems, and taking decisive action to improve her community.

She is the spouse of an Air Force veteran like me, and understands how important community support is to military families. Susan adds a needed viewpoint on the Board, and will champion fiscal responsibility and more balanced spending priorities that improve the quality of life for everyone. I encourage you to vote for Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner.

— Mary Robertson, Bellbrook

Thankful for Lopez


Without a doubt, we live in one of the greatest places in America. As citizens of Greene County, we have been blessed abundantly in many ways. We certainly have a long list of things for which to be thankful.

And yet, we still have many important areas that require attention. We need leaders who genuinely care and will take action to do something about our challenges.

That’s why I’m supporting Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner. I have known Susan for the past 10 years and have found her to be a very competent and caring leader who looks for ways to meet the needs of those whom she serves. As past president of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Area Chamber of Commerce, I have observed that Susan does not wait for others to act; she takes the initiative to solve whatever problem she encounters.

Several years ago, we had a serious fire at the Bayberry Cove Apartments in Bellbrook. At the time, my daughter lived there, and she had to vacate her apartment for awhile until the building was approved for use again. As the director of the Family Resource Center, Susan Lopez was very proactive in reaching out to my daughter and offering her assistance. Susan displayed a level of kindness coupled with professionalism that we need in our county commissioners.

I urge you to elect Susan Lopez to serve on the Green County Board of Commissioners.

— Greg Davis, Bellbrook

Elect Lopez


I am urging Greene County residents to choose Susan Lopez on Nov. 6 to be a Greene County Commissioner. I believe the county’s board of commissioners needs to have the perspective of a female who has been actively involved in many county organizations and task forces and effectively managed the limited resources of a community based non-profit.

I was Susan’s pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Beavercreek for nearly 20 years before I retired in 2011. She was a faithful worshiper and very supportive of the church’s youth and outreach ministries. From 2014 through 2016, Susan and I were co-teachers of a teenage class in an after-school program at a church in North Dayton. In these roles, Susan displayed compassion for people who are struggling, wisdom in making good use of limited available resources and the ability to analyze and propose solutions for dealing with those issues. Those qualities will be valuable for our county commissioners to have as they decide how to effectively manage the county’s tax revenue.

— Pastor Tom Bernlohr, Beavercreek