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City announces leaf collection schedule


XENIA — The City of Xenia has made changes to its annual leaf collection Schedule.

The city will be expanding leaf collection from one week of collection per zone to two weeks of collection for each zone. This will provide an extra collection opportunity for residents to dispose of their leaves.

Xenia is divided into two zones: zone one includes all areas north of Main Street and zone two includes all areas south of Main Street. Main Street addresses will be picked up with zone one.

Zone one collection will be Nov. 19-23 and Dec. 3-7. Zone two collection will be Nov. 26-30 and Dec. 10-14.

City staff reminds citizens of these important points:

— Leaves need to be raked to the curb before the Monday of pick-up week. Crews could arrive anytime during that week.

— It is important that cars are not parked in the leaf pick up area. Crews cannot reach a leaf pile if a car is parked within 10 feet.

— Piles have to contain leaves only. Leafing equipment cannot pickup sticks, limbs or trash.

Residents may also notice leaf crews picking up leaves the week of Nov. 12. This is the week that the leafing machines are tested and tuned up. Crews may pick up leaves that are already at the curb to test the machines. Leaf crews will go back to the test areas during the scheduled weeks.

Residents also have the option of mulching leaves or bagging them and taking them to the Greene County Recycling Center on Greene Way Boulevard.

For more information, call 937-376-7232, or visit www.XploreXenia.com, and enter “Seasonal Services” in the site search box.