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Counting all Ohioans


COLUMBUS – Today Ohio Governor Mike DeWine convened the Ohio Census 2020 Complete Count Commission. Over the next several months, the Commission will be developing recommendations and strategies for the upcoming census with the goal of ensuring that every Ohioan is counted.

The census has far-reaching implications for the state of Ohio. It will determine federal funding for the state and local governments including funding for transportation, health care, education, and housing. The new population count also impacts redistricting and the number of representatives Ohio will have in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“It’s important that every Ohioan is counted. We want to ensure our state receives the appropriate amount of federal funding to help us support our communities, schools, public safety resources, and to improve our roads,” said Governor Mike DeWine.

Together, the commission will identify tactics and networks they can form in their local communities to reach Ohio’s hard-to-count populations including young children, immigrants and people with limited access to computers. Determining how the state can have the most complete and accurate count is vital to Ohio communities, with redistricting helping to determine where new schools and hospitals are needed and where to add public safety resources.

“Our mission is to ensure Ohio is properly counted in the census,” said Commission Chairwoman Lydia Mihalik. “Census 2020 is the most important thing we can do together in the next six months.”

The success of the Ohio 2020 census depends on everyone’s participation:

It’s easy; the census asks questions about you and your household. You can submit your form online, over the phone, or through a paper version.

It’s safe; all census responses are kept confidential and cannot be shared, even with other law enforcement officials.

It’s important; the 2020 Census sets the course for how Ohio spends and operates for the next 10 years.