More information is becoming available about why Caras was placed on leave. This is a developing story. Check our website later for a complete follow up story.

BEAVERCREEK — The Beavercreek High School principal who was placed on leave due to allegations of misconduct was reprimanded at his previous school.

George Caras was told he was on “thin ice” while at Northmont High School according to a letter in his personnel file dated May 31, 2013 — obtained through a public records request.

The letter, from then-Superintendent Sarah C. Zatik, was in reference to comments he made at the 2013 graduation.

“You told an audience of over 1000 parents and grandparents something to the effect that ‘you were an honorary police officer because someone gave you the finger as they entered the parking lot.’ I am sure you did not mean to be disrespectful, as if it’s funny that people give police officers the finger, but that’s exactly the way it was perceived.”

The letter also references “previous conversations about some of your inappropriate comments; it was noted as an area of improvement in a past evaluation” and a recommendation that Caras wrote out speeches and run them by another administrator.

Zatik said she had numerous complaints from board members, staff, and parents about inappropriate remarks including comments about the board president’s husband’s surgery; about girls with short skirts, and who can wear them short.

“The board and central office hold their breath every time you go to the microphone,” Zatik wrote.

She added that since her recommendation about writing out speeches and having an administrator look at them “seemed to not have an impact” she requested that all comments to audiences be written out and approved by then-assistant superintendent Tony Thomas.

Caras also was questioned about the way he handled the resignation of former Northmont boys basketball coach Jim Brown that same school year.

Four issues were brought up in a letter dated April 23, 2013: Lack of documentation (none) for a veteran coach of 16 years to explain concerns and document expectations along with a lack of any evaluations of the coaching staff; Brown as well as Zatik and the board were “totally surprised” by the request for Brown’s resignation; asking for a resignation without informing the human resources department; and what was called the “most troublesome” is that Caras allegedly wrote a resignation letter for Brown and submitted it without Brown signing it.

Zatik wrote that Brown never saw the letter and it borders on fraud.

“We are lucky the resignation was pulled and the board of education did not approve it,” Zatik wrote.

Zatik did say the district had not had clear procedures regarding some of those issues.

A third letter was sent regarding senior car painting, where at least four students had their cars painted without permission. Caras was told in the future the district will not allow car painting on its property.

The Gazette has requested to view Caras’s personnel file from Beavercreek, in addition to Kettering and Dayton schools, where he also served as principal.

A representative from the Kettering schools human capital office said there was nothing negative in Caras’s file.


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