XENIA — Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone has been re-elected. Stone collected 4,408, or 54.42% of the vote over challenger Julie Vann on Tuesday evening. Vann, who previously served as mayor, received 3,692 votes or 45.58%.

Those vote totals are unofficial and subject to change. The Greene County Board of Elections has scheduled an emergency meeting today at 2 p.m. “to amend the final unofficial results for the November 5, 2019 General Election” according to a notice from Director Llyn McCoy.

Don Adams, Pete Bales, and Charles Curran will take seats on the Beavercreek City Council. Adams was the top candidate with 5,413 votes, Bales was just behind with 5,321, and Charles Curran was third with 4,290. Glen Duerr fell just short of the third and final seat with 4,243 votes.

In the race for the Beavercreek Board of Education, three candidates battled for two open spots. When votes from Montgomery County were included, Gene Taylor garnered 6.444 votes to lead the pack and Chris Stein picked up the other seat with 5,630 votes. Peg Arnold received 4,770 votes.

In other votes, the Beavercreek Township Fire Tax Levy was passed with 5,916 votes, or 58.56% versus 4,186 votes against the levy, or 41.44%.

The write-in ballots for Beavercreek Township Trustee will have to wait for a decision until at least November 19 according to the Greene County Board of Elections.

“While unofficial votes for certified candidates and for questions and issues that appear on the ballot are counted on election night the Board will not know who each write-in vote was cast for until a careful review following election day,” said Llyn McCoy, Director of the Greene County Board of Elections. “The Board of Elections will use the 11 days after the election to review all ballots which contain write-in votes to make certain that only write-in votes are counted for those who filed a valid declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate.”

The Beavercreek News-Current and Greene County Dailies will update this story as official results become available.



Unofficial vote totals

November 5, 2019

General Election

Beavercreek Mayor

Bob Stone 4,408 54.42%

Julie Vann 3,692 45.58%

Beavercreek City Council (vote for 3)

Don Adams 5,413 28.09%

Peter Bales 5,321 27.62%

Charles Curran 4,290 22.27%

Glen Duerr 4,243 22.02%

Beavercreek Board of Education (vote for 2)

Includes Montgomery County totals

Gene Taylor 6,444 38.26%

Chris Stein 5,630 33.42%

Peg Arnold 4,770 28.32%