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Scams targeting DP&L customers


DAYTON — Dayton Power and Light is warning its customers about an increasing number of phone calls

from scammers posing as DP&L. The scammers are demanding that customers make a payment or risk having their service disconnected within 30 minutes. Learn how to protect yourself from scam callers at dpandl.com/scam.

DP&L reminds customers not to provide personal information or comply with requests for payments unless they are confident with whom they are speaking. Before you do anything, hang up and call DP&L at 800-433-8500 to ask questions about anyone contacting you about your bill or claiming to be from the utility. Customers can also check their account status online by signing into mydpandl.com.

Be alert to three common scams:

• Callers threatening disconnection if payment is not received immediately.

• Callers asking customers to send a pre-paid debit card to pay their bill or to replace dangerous equipment.

• Callers targeting small businesses during peak business hours, such as restaurants at lunch time. The scammers try to catch employees off guard to gain account information, and to instill fear that power will be turned off.

In all cases, the scammers are trying to defraud customers. Often targeting elderly people and small businesses that are fearful their electricity may be turned off unless they comply immediately. These scammers usually have a little bit of information about you and will try to persuade you to provide more so they can gain access to your bank accounts and/or use your credit card numbers.

Scams may use email, social media, phone calls or even door-to-door visits. Many victims received forwarded emails or text messages from well-meaning friends and family who were also victimized.

Please be aware that this is an industry-wide problem that has affected many utilities across the country. DP&L is working with authorities to stop this unauthorized activity.