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Premier to prioritize symptomatic patients


DAYTON — Premier Health, in collaboration with CompuNet Clinical Laboratories and Premier Health Urgent Care, will update its process of collecting COVID-19 specimens and prioritize those who have a fever or other symptoms consistent with the virus.

This process change is consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is being made to ensure that patients who are at highest risk of complications from the disease have their specimens collected.

Those who visit the site with a physician’s order will be checked to see if they have a fever and other symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Those who are asymptomatic might not be tested, even if they have a physician’s order.

Premier Health and its clinical partners opened the specimen collections site Tuesday in the UD Arena parking lot at 1801 Edwin C. Moses Blvd. in collaboration with the University of Dayton, which is directing traffic at the site. Security is also on hand.

The hours of operation will be 10 am to 6 pm each day.

To ensure an orderly process, it is vitally important that those who have symptoms that are consistent with the COVID-19 virus first contact their family physician or primary care provider and work with their provider’s office to see if they meet certain criteria before they come to the collection site. If you do not have a physician’s order, you will not be screened.

CompuNet will collect and forward specimens as appropriate to its reference laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, for COVID-19 testing.

Along with public health officials and other health care providers locally, statewide, and nationally, Premier Health recognizes the need to make testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) available as soon as possible. We have been actively planning to do our part to help address this critical public health need.