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CHS superintendent empathizes with students


CEDARVILLE — Normally around this time of year, high school students are worrying about a prom date, or perhaps an upcoming track meet or college visit.

But spring 2020 will be known as the season where students missed out. And one of the most anticipated spring activities is the National Honor Society induction ceremony, where students are rewarded for hard work in the classroom and in the community. Thirty-three Cedarville High School students were to be inducted this year and Superintendent Chad Mason isn’t letting that go unnoticed.

Since there is no induction this year, Mason took the time to send a letter to each inductee to make sure they understand how proud he is of each and every one.

“I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on your recent selection into the Cedarville High School Chapter of The National Honor Society,” the letter begins. “The pillars upon which the National Honor Society are founded serve as a valuable and esteemed set of standards for a successful life well beyond your high school years. Under normal circumstances, as you are well aware, we would render a ceremony, invite your parents/guardians, and give you, as well as the other honorees, the congratulatory recognition you so well deserve. However, these are anything but ordinary times and the recent closure of schools has required that we honor our students in alternative means.”

Mason then stressed the importance of the “skills and attributes which are respected and revered by the National Honor Society.”

“We, as a nation, hope and trust the individuals currently making the decisions and leading us through this time are committed to the pillars of Leadership, Scholarly Pursuits, Character, and Service,” he wrote. “Now more than ever, we look to individuals who are selfless, intelligent, compassionate, and calming, all synonymous traits of the National Honor Society pillars, as we try to navigate this time in our history.

“By illustrating these characteristics in your high school years, you have shown that you possess the traits necessary for the next crisis, the future momentous event, or even the next pandemic,” he continued. “I hope you realize, the gifts you have been given, the way you exhibit those treasured traits, and the manner in which you live do matter; they are honored, they are invaluable, and they are timeless in moments of need.”

Mason told the students they now have a responsibility to not only further their academic pursuits, but to “lead, to live by example, and to commit to look out for your neighbors and those less fortunate than yourself. You have been chosen for this award at this time; but you are also, now chosen, to be more relied upon as you grow and mature.”

He said students have missed so much and he empathizes with each and every one.

“Our students have lost spring sports, postponed a prom, lost classroom time with friends and their favorite teachers, have potentially watched their parents lose work, missed out on the day-to-day inside jokes that we, as adults, remembered from our school years, and many classroom discussions where most true learning takes place,” Mason said via email. “These things have been replaced by a daily hospital and death count on TV, online and virtual learning, watching younger siblings if mom and dad are required to work, quarantined living arrangements, and seeing community members wearing masks when they do go on essential errands.”

Mason conceded there have been generations who have gone through much worse but said “these are what stresses me as I think about my students and their day-to-day lives.”


By Scott Halasz

[email protected]

Cedarville High School NHS inductees

Kyra Campbell

Abbie Bowman

Samantha Bigham

Ellie Sultan

Maddie Funk

Patrick Voisard

Abbi Shepherd

Bri Lyons

Trent Koning

Zach Eggeman

Liz Brooks

Bethany Stevenson

Lilly Frizzell

Jeffrey Salisbury

Caleb McKinion

Kelly Campbell

Luisa Christian

Zuzettee Durotan

Kiarie Al-Hasan

Claire Czerniak

Gabby Tobias

Anna Turner

Anessa Butts

Noah Grooms

Alyssa Cooley

Riley Anspach

Daniel Ormsbee

Hunter Baldwin

Elly Coe

Gage Connolly

Abby Salisbury

Ben Kinsinger

Hunter Danik

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