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Woodlawn adjusts operations


XENIA — Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum has made some operational changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mausoleum, back gate, public restrooms and administrative office are closed to the general public, according to an email from President and CEO Sean O’Regan. The cemetery itself remains open.

“We continue to assist families at their critical time of need by providing essential burial and cremation services,” he said in the email. The grounds are open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily “to provide a much-needed place of comfort, tranquility, and respite from the situation impacting us all,” according to O’Regan.

O’Regan listed some guidelines visitors should keep in mind when visiting.

— Woodland is an active cemetery providing burial services each day. Please respect these families with privacy via distance.

— If visiting the cemetery, park outside the gates to limit vehicle obstructions within the cemetery during this peak period of visitation.

— While walking, biking or driving on cemetery roads, be aware of others including funeral processions and the grounds crew.

— Operations require the use of heavy equipment including back-hoes, dump trucks, utility vehicles, lawn mowers, etc., so be alert.

— Walk against traffic so you are aware of funeral processions, maintenance vehicles or others. Stay to the side of the road and do not walk down the middle.

— If a funeral service is approaching, show proper etiquette by moving off the road, stopping activity and waiting for the procession to pass by.

— If driving in the cemetery, do not exceed 15 miles per hour.

— Pick up and take with you any trash after your visit.

— Pick up after your pets.

— There are no public restrooms.

— Maintain social distance of at least six feet from other visitors and staff you might encounter.

In addition, Public programs and tours have been cancelled through June 6.

“We wish to remain open to the public as long as approved by state and local government, but we need cooperation from all visitors,” O’Regan said. “Please follow the guidelines above so that Woodland can fulfill our essential mission of caring for the bereaved but also provide a beautiful and tranquil setting for all to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.”