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KHN implementing new real-time prescription benefit program


KETTERING — Kettering Health Network is the second health care system in the United States to implement the latest version of CenterX’s real-time prescription cost program for patients.

The program is built into the e-prescribing workflow, giving providers access to patient-specific benefits so they can view the out-of-pocket medication cost before ordering the prescription, according to KHN officials.

By implementing the real-time prescription benefit (RTPB) solution into the electronic health record, providers will be able to share real-time prescription benefit information with patients, including: accurate out-of-pocket medication cost, appropriate medication alternatives, and pricing at multiple pharmacies.

The latest version of CenterX’s RTPB tool offers expanded capabilities to further support patient experience and eprescribing workflows at KHN.

“We are excited to offer a service that allow patients to know the cost of their medications before leaving the physician office,” said Jim O’Donnell, executive director of Pharmacy Services at KHN. “We will be one of the first health networks in the country to offer the newest version of this unique tool that provides full drug cost transparency to patients at the time of prescribing. The ultimate goal is to improve patient access to needed medications. This is another example of Kettering Health Network’s patient centered approaching of improving care.”

The CenterX program is available at all KHN hospitals and medical offices.

“At CenterX, we’ve worked with our health systems customers to understand the features and functionality required to save time, eliminate redundancy, grow script capture and, most importantly, help ensure patients can access the medication they need,” said Matt Schaefer, president of CenterX. “We’re thrilled to implement this solution at Kettering Health Network.”

CenterX RTPB and Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) are seamlessly integrated within a health system’s EHR to provide complete, patient-specific benefits data and a fully digital prior authorization (PA) workflow. CenterX provides patient pharmacy benefit information along with additional information valuable to health systems, such as the cost to health plans and prices at a health system’s pharmacies. These prescription decision support enhancements are available to providers as well as to transitions, meds-to-beds, and medication therapy management teams. CenterX empowers teams across a health system with data to support initiatives that reduce cost and increase revenue, improving medication adherence for every patient, every time.