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Funding for U.S. 35 interchange moves forward


XENIA — A new interchange project in Beavercreek Township is moving forward, bringing with it enhanced safety, economic development opportunities, and improved traffic flow along U.S. 35 in the township and Greene County.

The State of Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) approved funding for Beavercreek Township and Greene County to begin work on the interchange, which will build a connection between U.S. 35 and Trebein Road, including both on and off ramps from U.S. 35 to Trebein Road.

TRAC approved the funding package on its annual draft list on Aug. 25, before moving the project to a final vote of approval on Sept. 22. The funding for the intersection includes $25.6 million from the State of Ohio to go along with $6.4 million matched from the Greene County commissioners, combining for $32 million toward completing work on the new interchange.

Many safety improvements have occurred to this intersection by ODOT throughout the years such as additional signage, flashing signage, etc., however, safety issues still persisted, and congestion continues, according to a release from County Engineer Stephanie Goff. This project will replace the existing at-grade U.S. 35/Valley/Trebein intersection with a full interchange of Valley-Trebein over U.S. 35.

“This project is highly important to the safety of the traveling public in and through Greene County, and this project will save lives,” said Goff, who has set a priority the improvement of safety of the highway system throughout Greene County.

Beavercreek Township Administrator Alex Zaharieff said the project owes gratitude to the State of Ohio and the Greene County commissioners for their support and financial commitment for the project.

“The project would not have moved forward were it not for the combined collaborative efforts of the Greene County commissioners, Greene County Engineer Stephanie Goff and Beavercreek Township,” Zaharieff said.

Zaharieff said the township also was able to include several letters of support from the community, including Beavercreek City Schools and multiple local businesses, which aided in pushing the project forward.

“Collaboration like this shows that this community is really invested in coming together as a team and working toward common goals, as well as prioritizing projects that will benefit the safety and economic development opportunities for the region,” Zaharieff said.

With the assistance of the Dayton Development Coalition, the application for funding indicated more than 9,000 new jobs currently proposed within 1.8 miles, as well as 375 new homes planned within 1.5 miles of the intersection. The enhanced intersection also is set to reduce traffic congestion and confusion that has been reported at the site, where a recent five-year study found 209 traffic accidents, 64 percent of them with injuries, having occurred there with its existing traffic flow.

District 8 Deputy Director Tammy Campbell said the interchange project at U.S. 35 and North Valley and Trebein roads is important for the transportation network in this area and the safety of the U.S. 35 corridor, and the funding commitment from the Transportation Review Advisory Council is significant to secure its construction.

“Certainly, we are pleased with this announcement, and we are looking forward to our continued relationship with the Greene County commissioners, Beavercreek Township and the Greene County engineer,” Campbell said.

Ultimately, Zaharieff said, the project is a benefit for the township on many counts. The intersection enhancements are part of the final component of the long-term project to upgrade U.S. 35 from Dayton to I-64 in Charleston, WV. Additionally, this is the first traffic signal after driving 130 miles — or two hours — west across Ohio on U.S. 35 from Point Pleasant, W.V.

“U.S. 35 serves as one of our most important transportation assets and this new interchange will provide safe and efficient transportation routes throughout the county in our rapidly growing area of the county and will support economic development efforts and bring new investment to all of Greene County,” Goff said.

The project is currently planned to start in 2023 and would take two construction seasons to complete.

“It will be exciting to see it unfold and watch it as this intersection becomes a centralized point for much of the growth and momentum happening in and around Beavercreek Township and Greene County over the next several years,” Zaharieff said.