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Letter to the editor policy


The Xenia Daily Gazette and Fairborn Daily Herald encourages readers to write letters to the editor:

• Letters should be typed, or printed legibly, signed and include current address and daytime phone number of the author. Full addresses will not be published. Form and anonymous letters will not be accepted.

• Letters to the editor must be 350 words or less. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. the Friday before publication. Letter writers have a limit of one published letters every 30 days.

• Letters will be verified by the newspaper via telephone. The newspaper reserves the right to edit for length, style and grammar and to limit the number of letters on a specific topic.

• If content is libelous or misleading, letters will not be printed. For letters that include claims that are not a matter of public record, the burden of proof of the claim(s) fall upon the letter writer.

• Election letters will be published prior to the election, but rebuttals only the week/day before the election.

• Opinions of letter writers or columnists are those of the author only. They do not represent the opinion of the staff and management of Greene County Newspapers.

Send letters to [email protected] or 1836 W. Park Square, Xenia, 45385. Electronic submission is encouraged.