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UHR under new management


XENIA — United Household Rentals (UHR), a landmark store in Xenia Towne Square, is under new management. Kim Coyle, the new general manager, transferred from the UHR in northern Kentucky and has taken over the Xenia store.

“I love the company and when there was an opening for a general manager, I took it,” said Coyle, who was the store accountant in Florence. “The store needed a little bit of love so I took the position. It’s fun but it’s been a lot of hard work,” she added.

The owner, Ernie Lewallen, started the first UHR in Eastgate, now there are nine stores — three are in northern Kentucky. He has owned UHR for 36 years and also owns two sister stores, one in Erlanger, Kentucky, and one in Cincinnati. R&R, which stands for “rent and roll” shares the same “lease to own” concept as UHR but offers tires and rims for cars and trucks.

“There are several “lease-to-own” companies but we’re different, we’re family oriented, we know that Xenia is more down home,” said Coyle, who’s husband Andrew and daughter Alyssa work with her at the store, 150 Xenia Town Square. “We have a different approach to things as far as what we do and sell, we want our customers happy. This is a whole new ball game. There’s been quite a few changes in management here over the years, we’re trying to provide stability.”

UHR offers a wide variety of products and appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers/dryers, freezers, portable dishwashers, lamps, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment stands, gaming systems, arcade games, TVs, heated fireplaces, lamps, generators, hand tools, and even a sampling of Michael Kors designer bags and wallets.

If the product cannot be found at the Xenia store, then it can be special-ordered or transferred from the Wilmington store which is the closest UHR. Free delivery is guaranteed.

“Getting items in takes a little bit longer because of COVID-related delays. People have been staying home and are requiring essential things,” Coyle said.

Customers can pay weekly or monthly and take four, six, eight, or 12 months to pay off their item(s). Typically a cash price is offered for the item and the customer will sign an 18-month contract and pay it off in six months with 0 percent interest.

There are no credit checks and customers must be at least 18 to qualify for a lease to own contract. Income verification is required.

“Our district manager Shane Andrews does an awesome job as well as Joel Ehrlich, Ernie’s partner and CEO,” added Coyle, who maintained her own ground-shipping business for 11 years and appreciates working with a team that has the company’s best interests at heart.

For more information on the many discounts, coupons, and special sales, call 937-376-8100.

By Karen Rase

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