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Families of Addicts holding open house


DAYTON — Families of Addicts (FOA) is having an open house from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 at the Life Enrichment Center, 425 N. Findlay Street, Dayton.

FOA understands that addiction takes its toll on the entire family and the open house will allow those in attendance to learn what the organization can do to help.

Enjoy a hot meal and free raffle prizes, meet and converse with others who are or have been in similar circumstances, and find hope and see that recovery is possible.

The Greater Miami Valley has a multitude of treatment programs for those seeking recovery. However, most of the available help is in the form of treatment, and the stress and mental health issues that family members deal with are often unaddressed or overlooked, FOA said in a release.

“Addiction affects everyone — every socio-economic level, race, educational level, regardless of where you live — inner city, suburb, countryside,” the release said. “It is a beast that destroys lives and robs people of their futures. Understanding substance use disorder and learning about resources is just one part of what FOA Families of Addicts provides.”

FOA hosts weekly meetings on Wednesdays which consist of open discussion, speakers, friendship, and education. Most family members feel stigmatized and are blindsided when dealing with this. This is where FOA can provide guidance, whether looking for treatment, other resources, or conversation and encouragement. Meetings are unique in that family members, those in recovery and those seeking recovery meet together, FOA officials said.

FOA, which offers a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment, began eight years ago out of a mother’s recognition that if she, as a person in long-term recovery herself, could not comprehend her daughter’s heroin addiction, how could someone with no experience at all deal with this?

For more information, visit FOA Families of Addicts on Facebook or at foafamilies.org.