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Hindu Organization to present talk June 19


BEAVERCREEK — The Jain Center of Cincinnati-Dayton and the Hindu Community Organization of Dayton invite the public to attend a lecture “Joyful and Spiritual Living in Interfaith Communities” at OM Shanti Hall, 2615 Temple Lane, Beavercreek.

The free event, to be held from 4-6 p.m. Sunday, June 19, will feature guest speaker Brahmrishi Gurudev Guruvanandji, who is known for his vast knowledge of all Vedic scriptures. He is also a renowned scholar of Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

Gurudev has also participated in several international religious conferences, including the “All Religion World Conference” where he was honored with the “Best Personality” good medal on numerous occasions.

According to his followers, Gurudev has invoked all Chakra’s of his Kundalini. He is said to be a researcher of the supreme knowledge that Indian sages have acquired with Sadhana thousands of years ago. He is said to have not only acquired known Siddhis (divine powers), but he is said to have rediscovered the Siddhis which were lost over time.

As a healer of divine power, Gurudev is said to have removed physical mental ailments of hundreds of thousands of people. He has traveled to more than 170 countries to teach people the art of living a moral and spiritually uplifting life. In the Hindu community, he is regarded as a divine soul and revered sage who radiates divine energy.

By Karen Rase

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