XENIA — The City of Xenia is winding down its annual street repaving and repair program for 2022.

According to city officials, each year, the city allocates a minimum of $500,000 for street repaving and repair projects that eliminate potholes and eases debilitating roadway “wear and tear” due to weather and other extremes.

“Right now, we’re doing repaving and curb replacement on Bellbrook Avenue between Colorado Drive and the west corporation limit (near Glady Run Wastewater Treatment Plant),” said City Engineer and Public Service Director Chris Berger.

Earlier this summer, a resurface of Bellbrook Avenue (from PeacePipe Trail to Allison Avenue) was completed. Funds from the Ohio Public Works Commission (a $364,000 grant and matching local funds of $128,000) contributed to that project.

“Ledbetter Road is being worked on (from Mt. Vernon Drive to South Detroit Street). We’re doing driveway aprons and curbing. The city pays for the driveway aprons because it’s in the city’s right-of-way,” Berger said. “There are orange cones scattered in that area because the contractor — Barrett Paving Materials — has to jackhammer out bad curbs and ADA ramps.”

Completion is estimated to be around Oct. 31 for the Ledbetter Road projects.

“After completion of the Ledbetter projects, we’ll finish up our crack sealing of roads (tar/asphalt projects) utilizing our street fund,” said Assistant City Manager Jared Holloway. “Next year for 2023, we hope to resurface Detroit Street.”

Repairs done in 2021 included work done on East Main Street, Allison Avenue, Jasper Road, Branch Street, and Race Street. 2020 repairs included portions of Bellbrook Avenue.

Major streets resurfaced in 2019 included Wilson Drive (from North Monroe Drive to Meadow Lane), Montana Drive (from Wyoming Drive to Nebraska Drive), and West Second Street (from U.S. 35 bridge to West Second Street).

“We’re primarily focused on the thoroughfare of the city,” Berger said, “which is typically 13 square miles.” His office is working on designs for next year’s projects and how to navigate cost overruns.

The city considers and weighs the following criteria in developing its annual list of streets to be rehabilitated:

— Pavement Condition Index, which is a periodic, systematic evaluation of the condition of every city street.

— Even coverage to ensure all quadrants of the city are addressed.

— Underground infrastructure. If a street must be torn up to fix water or sewer lines, it should be resurfaced at the same time.

— Economic development impact/opportunity. Streets enable economic growth. A rehabilitation project will be considered if it facilitates additional growth in jobs and amenities.

Funding for many of the past projects includes Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC), Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) grants with local matches.

To request sidewalk, curb, or pothole repair, contact the public service department at 937-376-7265, and someone will be out to assess the damage.

The city has authorized repairs of driveway aprons and curbs along Ledbetter Road.
https://www.xeniagazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2022/09/web1_20220902_142740.jpgThe city has authorized repairs of driveway aprons and curbs along Ledbetter Road.

Photos by Karen Rase | Greene County News Work areas are cordoned off for repairs along Ledbetter Road.
https://www.xeniagazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2022/09/web1_20220902_142759.jpgPhotos by Karen Rase | Greene County News Work areas are cordoned off for repairs along Ledbetter Road.

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