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Some county employees have work-from-home option


XENIA — Greene County Board of Commissioners’ employees and those who work for the 12 or more departments that fall under the BOCC are being given the option of working an alternative work schedule that would include working four 10-hour days, four 9-hour days and a 4-hour day, or teleworking from home one day a week.

“We are offering these options as part of our recruitment and retention efforts,” said Director of Human Resources Sherry LeBlanc. “We are trying to resolve work-life balance issues — that’s what’s driving our interest in offering these options to our employees.”

In late August the BOCC approved a telework policy and a revised hours of work policy was approved. The newly approved policy doesn’t apply to the offices of other public officials.

Departments being offered the alternative work schedule options include: Animal Control, Building Regulations, County Services, Department of Development, Emergency Management, Family and Children First, Job and Family Services, Parks & Trails, Personnel, Records and Archives, Risk Management, and Sanitary Engineering.

Different department operations will determine what options are feasible — not everyone will be able to choose from the different options based on what their work entails. According to LeBlanc, department heads are still sending in their employee schedules and a trend hasn’t become apparent yet.

“I don’t have an answer to that yet,” said LeBlanc, in regards to which schedule change is the most popular. “By the end of the week, we’ll have a better idea about that.”

Beginning Monday, Sept. 12, employees will be able to change their work schedule for a three-week trial period before permanent changes go into effect Oct. 1.

There are guidelines applied when teleworking such as being able to report to work in one hour if needed, have access to high-speed internet/cell phone, be in communication, etc. Employees can choose to stay on their current work schedule and forego the alternative work schedule options.

“We are striving to be the employer of choice and we are offering these options to attract new employees,” said LeBlanc, who thinks the alternative work schedule is “an awesome idea.”

By Karen Rase

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